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14 Nov 2008

Transition Movie Blog 3

Things are really moving along on the Transition Movie. Chris Watson has been filming a garden share scheme in Totnes whilst Emma has filmed a couple of the EDAP workshops. Chris has also found some great stories in Cornwall, one of them being a car share scheme. He also filmed the Crediton Bag launch and interviewed the inspiring Modbury Plastic Bag Free lady Rebecca Hoskings.

Emma met up with Nigel Jenkins from Penrith in Cumbria. He’s been doing some filming of his own and is keen to film local elders/farmer who’ve experienced directly the effects of climate change on their land and lives.

We’ve received an email from Japan wishing to send us some footage! A place in Australia is having a logo designing competition which is being filmed for us. A lady in Massachusetts is going to be filming some Transition Training. New Zealand have a veg box scheme that might also feature. The Isle of Man are setting up some community allotments. So it’s truly an international community film. Much like Transition itself.

There are a few contenders to be the ‘Great Unleashing’ story depending on who gets it together and off the ground in time for the edit. They are Berkhamsted, Bruton and Colliers Wood.

Andy Smith from the Forest of Dean has kindly given us permission to use his music. We may still need a composer to work with us on the edit so if there are any composers out there who’ve always wanted to do composition for documentaries here’s your chance.

Next week we’re off on a short trip to Wales. Sir John Houghton, one of the world’s pre-eminent climatologists has agreed to be interviewed. He’s going to give us a brief explanation of climate change and tell us whether he thinks it can be turned around with global action. He lives in Aberdovey. En route we shall be filming Llandeilo Transition community orchard planting project at a local school. Llandeilo has been inspired by historical research that revealed how it was once renowned for its apple blossoms.

So, the film is going to be full of wonderful stories and will be rather an amazing travel through Transition around the world. Keep them coming!

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Julia Leyden
13 Dec 1:01am

It is all very exciting to read what everyone is doing all over the world with the inspiration of Transitions Towns. the only thing that will be able to top this is to be able to see it all happening. Can’t wait to see the film.