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8 Dec 2008

Transition Initiatives in the Netherlands

Here is an interesting clip from the Netherlands… I have no idea what any of them are talking about, not being a native speaker myself, but maybe some of you are….

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Jennifer Lauruol
8 Dec 10:11pm

Hi Rob, as far as I can understand it, the two men in the clip introduce the idea of Transition Towns, Peak Oil and climate change, and how they’re trying to get the localised planning happening in their town. They also speak about the need to work together in community, learn from the elders, and start the ball rolling.

Christiaan Demeijere
9 Dec 9:14am

That’s a pretty good description. It mainly focuses on ‘Deventer’ (town/small city in the east of the Netherlands), which apparently is the first transition town in the Netherlands. Also there is talk about setting up a national steering group (or something like that) for transition towns in order to promote cooperation and learn from each other.

Karin Lonegren
12 Dec 10:37am

I’m Dutch and live in Glastonbury. The clip has been filmed in a local center that is already doing the transition work by selling local foods etc. The balding guy talks about what the concept of Transition Towns are and how to introduce the concept in The Netherlands, to prepare people for the dwindling oil reserves.

Kairin van Sweeden
8 Jan 1:26pm

The man in the film also talks about using the strengths already present in the local community.