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9 Dec 2008

Transition, mentioned in dispatches…

I often liken Transition to a mychorrhizal fungi that innoculates the ‘soil’, running all over the place, and leaves one very surprised at where it pops up as mushrooms. I thought you might find it useful to just have a short round up of some of the latest ‘fruitings’. We start with something I mentioned last week, Ed Milliband’s talk at the Environment Agency conference, which is now online, before moving onto a smorgasbord of Transition stuff…

There is a mention in passing at the end of George Monbiot’s column today which is an excellent swipe at nonsensical climate change deniers.  Then there’s;

That’s it for now, plenty to keep you busy!  Happy reading….

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Stephen Watson
9 Dec 3:35pm

And add the excellent Seize The Day’s new song – Peak Oil as well 🙂

(I have no financial involvement. I just love ’em!)

Steve Atkins
9 Dec 5:23pm

I’d like to add:

We’ve completed insulating our loft at home, and I lost a few lbs in the process.

Stephen Washington
9 Dec 5:55pm

I also mentioned the Transition Movement and the Handbook in my presentation to several groups here in NE Pennsylvania.

Here’s is the local press coverage. Reporter did not get all the facts right but it will help raise awareness none-the-less. I am giving this presentation to several classes at the local University in 2009 as well as to local government committees.

Graham Burnett
9 Dec 6:10pm

so Rob, how does it feel to be the boss of Transition Town Totness??

Katy Duke
9 Dec 10:20pm

Hurrah, it’s looking promisingly viral 🙂 (& in virtual life too)

Finn Jackson
12 Dec 12:32pm

Just noticed this, and that the Farnham link (last item) is missing.
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