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19 Dec 2008

That’s All Folks… see you next year

It’s that time of year when the laptop gets turned off, put in the drawer and when family, friends and not getting up at 6.45am to write Transition Culture posts come to the fore.  Thank you so much for all your support, comments and hard work during 2008, the year that, I think, will go down in history as the point when the Great Unravelling really began, and when the seeds of the Great Turning began to grow with phenomenal speed.  What an extraordinary time to be alive.  Sharon Astyk has made her predictions for 2009, my only prediction to add is that by the end of 2009, very few people, especially those in positions of authority, will still be talking about “when things get back to normal”.  Anyway, have a great break, and normal service will be resumed at Transition Culture on January 5th.  See you then.

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19 Dec 8:26am

Merry Christmas Rob- and thanks for all the inspiration- looking forward to hearing more from you in 2009 and having you help our heads with the challenges ahead!
Keep plucking, its a mighty fine tune!

19 Dec 9:20am

Buon Natale Rob, relax and enjoy your family, thank you for all…

Peter Bralesford
19 Dec 7:58pm

Merry Christmas Rob! Thanks to everyone for all the TC entries, I’ve really enjoyed reading them. See you in 2009! 😀

21 Dec 12:07pm

Thank you so much for giving us the encouragement to carry on with all of this!! 2008 has definately been the year for us on The Isle of Purbeck, moving Transtion forward, new allotments, Purbeck Producers Farmers markets….They are finally listening to us…its been a long time coming but thanks to us all shouting out loudly if is happening!!!

Have a wonderful Solstice and New Year!!

Blessings to you and your family
Collette, Richard, Toby, Janine(PEAT, DA21, Down2Earth)

pete rout
22 Dec 8:51am

Merry christmas Rob. I hope your bottle recycling bag is doing well and a merry christmas to one and all transitioners and may we convert more people to a saner way of life