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22 Jan 2009

Matt Harvey’s Transition Towns Piece Now On iPlayer

Matt Harvey’s great piece about Transition was screened last night on BBC South West’s ‘Inside Out’ programme, and it was very entertaining.  The direct link to it is here, which will save you the 20 minutes it took me to track it down on the main site!  Well done Matt, and also to Andrew who filmed it and edited it.  The piece starts about 10 minutes and 15 seconds into the programme.

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Steve Atkins
22 Jan 9:51am

I think that’s a really great introduction to transition; is it possible to plop just the Matt Harvey section onto YouTube ?

Dave Prescott
22 Jan 3:02pm

I agree, this is really excellent. Intelligent, accessible and funny.

I have spent a couple of weeks looking for short films to show at an upcoming awareness-raising event and this is the best piece I have come across so far.

As well as sticking it on YouTube, would it be possible to get hold of a hi-res version of the Matt Harvey piece from Andrew? Then it could be projected onto a large screen for public transmission.

22 Jan 6:23pm

That was a great little piece and really bought home how lighthearted this can be!!

I was thinking about the three transition town little pigs. One of them obviously has to be a permaculture pig, the one who survives the big bad petrol wolf attack. I’ll work on it.

It would be great to get it to show other people.

James Samuel
28 Jan 9:23am

Please let me know if you find a version of this video clip which can be viewed outside of the UK – this one wasnt. 🙁 It came with a polite but unhelpful msg telling me I couldnt view it cos I dont live in the UK.

Becky Lythgoe
21 Feb 3:06pm

I have the same problem as James Samuel. I can’t view this video as I’m not in the UK. Any update on getting this on YouTube? I couldn’t find it on there.