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13 Mar 2009

Treat Your Mother Right….

Given that this Sunday is Mothering Sunday, I thought you might enjoy this touching tribute to the mothers in our lives. Might even bring a lump to the throat and a small tear to the corner of your eye, as the hero of the ‘No Fly’ movement talks candidly and beautifully about mums.  Check out the shorts.

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Graham Burnett
13 Mar 12:03pm

Rob – just checked – mothers Day is March 22nd, not this weekend – cheers for the “bloody hell better get up the card shop” heart attack!!!

Neil L
14 Mar 9:36am

Nice shorts! Lovely song – which brings me to Love Favour Market Casino – which is a phrase from a really interesting article from John Rogers on Alternative Views to the Current Global Economy that he recently delivered as part of the 2009 Middle East Festival Lecture on Global Affairs in Edinburgh. Transition Towns get a mention too!

Katy Duke
15 Mar 2:04pm

Phew…. thought I was in trouble there! I’m totally distracted by the launch of ‘The Age of Stupid’ film – I’ll post a link to the website if I may…. and also the location for the Virtual People’s Premiere on OneClimate Island in Second Life. If you can’t be at one of the Cinema launches of the ‘Not Stupid’ campaign by Pete Postlethwaite then at least you can see it virtually!

Katy Duke
15 Mar 2:10pm – the main website – find out what’s going on in your area and join the discussion – watch the Premiere in the virtual world (do it a bit early cos you’ve got to create your avatar first!) Pick up one of my free green noses to wear there! – press release

Sorry for hijack but I believe this is a truly historic moment!

16 Mar 7:20am

ooops. Sorry folks. I was so keen to show you that clip that I got the dates of Mothering Sunday wrong. Many apologies to anyone who showed up at their mum’s house with a bunch of flowers a week early. These things happen…

16 Mar 12:02pm

My carbon footprint for Mothers’ Day should be about zero – I buried her (ashes) in the orchard about a fortnight ago…

Chris Baker
23 Apr 3:57pm

Man Mr.T should have a talk with my kids, too funny and love those shorts. Hope you don’t mind if I post a link over here on my page. Loved it! 🙂