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16 Mar 2009

Transition Movie Blog 6, and why we need your help naming the film!

It’s been a steep learning curve for Emma on the edit of the movie. Chris Watson has stepped back to work on another project that has come in leaving Emma to edit on her own. She’s never sat in the editor’s chair before and after being shown a few key buttons has started to put it together.  “By the end of the day my brain is totally fried. I imagine it’s like playing a computer game all day long!” she saiys. It’s one thing to sit back and guide the whole process alongside an editor but it’s quite another to navigate a 7 track timeline and know all the shortcuts keys.

James Engwell, who donated some equipment and software to the Transition Network, has kindly been in to give her some one to one tuition. He brought in some coloured cards and stickers and wrote each story down and pinned it onto the board to create a mind map. Tackling it one sequence at a time is proving much quicker. We’ll worry about how it all fits together later.

Emma feels too close to the edit to comment on the film’s impact but whenever fresh eyes view it they’re moved in all the right places and also in entirely new ones she didn’t expect. Working out in what order it all fits together will be the real task. It’s a big project to put together with footage coming in from all over the world so it’s hard to create a flowing storyline from disjointed elements.

The key themes drawn out of the sequences so far are:

Galvanising community; one individual can make a difference; just start one yourself; it’s about making connections; positive visioning and of course resilience.

The deadline for any more footage is gone. There’s a lot of material and it won’t all make the final cut so no more footage please!  The key challenge at the moment is coming up with a name for the film.  Although it has been called ‘The Transition Movie’ as a working title, that’s not what we ultimately want to call it.  We want a short, snappy title that communicates the essence of the film.  Please bombard us witih suggestions.  If you send in one we love and we end up using it, we’ll credit you in the film.  Get your thinking hats on and let’s take the wiki nature of how this film was made and carry it through to its logical conclusion, throwing open the process of naming the film!

Thanks.  Other needs we have if there are any volunteers out there, some help with online viral film marketing, and people with first hand experience of film distribution who can advise us on that.

PS from Rob.  On Friday I saw some of the first roughly edited sequences of the film, and it was quite brilliant… you are in for a real treat.

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16 Mar 7:23am

Hi, when will the film be finished? Is there a sneak preview somewhere?


Jane Buttigieg
16 Mar 1:02pm

How about:
‘The Road to Tomorrow’
‘Back from the Peak’

Both of these would probably need a subtitle, though.

Graham Burnett
16 Mar 1:25pm

“Into The Valley” – complete with soundtrack by The Skids…

Steve Atkins
16 Mar 3:59pm

Any chance of a little teaser video?

16 Mar 6:11pm

Hmm, a little brainstorm at my desk here…

The other side of the mountain

All downhill from here

Beyond the peak

Transition Land

Trying to think of something with a sense of hope about it, got as far as ‘land of hope and glory’ and it’s time to go home. Transition: Land of hopeful stories?

Graham Burnett
16 Mar 6:19pm

“Transition – Its downhill all the way from here…”

P’raps not…

Steve Atkins
16 Mar 6:43pm

‘The Great, the Good and the Age of Stupid’


‘The Transition Guide to Life’ – part 1

Peter Bralesford
16 Mar 9:13pm

“Head, Heart, Hands: Looking at global crises in a new light.”

Best that I could think of right now. 😀

16 Mar 10:05pm

How about “Always look on the bright side of life” from Monty Python’s Life of Brian for the sound track on the credits???? :0)

Jane Buttigieg
17 Mar 8:40am

I like Peter’s Head, Heart and Hands. Could be adapted slightly to: ‘With Head and Hearts and Hands.’ The sub title could be ‘Creating a positive future beyond the age of cheap energy’

James Samuel
17 Mar 9:34am

Feel free to use:

Yesterday’s Future

This is yesterday’s future, the moment we have cocreated with our thoughts, desires, actions, words, visions, stories, fears, hopes, and our silence.

What future do we want to cocreate together, today?

Paula Kovacs
17 Mar 1:05pm

Planet Transition – Living Past Peak Oil

Becky Lythgoe
17 Mar 1:34pm

Now dedicated more time to this than I should have. Can’t think of anything particularly original or brilliant, all my ideas sound like the name a Local Authority would give to a particularly dull report. I think Jeremy’s suggestion ‘The Other Side of the Mountain’ is good. Other film titles relevant to TT keep popping into my head:
The Pursuit of Happiness
Back to the Future
The Incredible Journey
From Here to Eternity
The Great Escape
Oh dear, better go and do something more productive.

Steve Atkins
17 Mar 1:47pm

hi Becky

I also thought of ‘The Great Escape’ but by time I’d thought up other titles I’d forgotten it!

Thanks for the reminder; (and you deserve the credit for that one)

; )

17 Mar 4:13pm

Transition tales
The revolution will not be fossil-fuelled
Transition earth
Generation powerdown
People get up!
You get what you give (from producers to consumers)
Out of the ashes
A call to farms
Transition needs you!

Katy Duke
18 Mar 12:43pm

Acorns to oaks
Onwards & upwards
Seeds of hope
Back down to earth
Planting seeds for our future
Network of positive movies

Actually, this is really difficult!

18 Mar 2:25pm

Earthbound: the transition story

Leo Brodie
19 Mar 7:05am

From the Ground Up
Course Correction: The Transition Movie
How We Made It to 2030: The Transition Movie
For the Seventh Generation
Our World, Take 2
Out with the Oil (In with the New)
Oil Fall Down: The Transition Movie
Party Like It’s 2020
The New Post-Modern
The Transition Movie (sorry, I like the working title. It should at least be the subtitle)

Ben Brangwyn
19 Mar 3:53pm

On behalf of an unidentified someone who texted me.

A world reimagined
Reimagining your world
Your world reimagined

Jane Buttigieg
19 Mar 6:15pm

The Great Turning: Chapter one.

Bob Thorp
25 Mar 4:03pm

I’m not with stupid.
Age of Bright/Clever/Brilliance/Genius etc.
Back to the Future Part IV.
How to keep friends and feed them.
Transition (without the movie bit)
Transformers part III (even better)
or just a block of text with Transition in every language.
Transicion veinteveinte (stuff always works better in a different language?)
Not Drowning, Waving.
No one gets left behind
Each Day, One Good Thing
Mad Max -1
Enough is Enough, EisE, EiE
Honey, I’ve sold the car! etc
This is more like a party etc
no title just a symbol for a transfomer, two overlapping circles arrow in/arrow out (bit like a ven diagram with a T in the centre.

Graham Burnett
25 Mar 6:51pm

“no title just a symbol for a transfomer, two overlapping circles arrow in/arrow out (bit like a ven diagram with a T in the centre.”

Then it could be ‘The Film Formerly Known as The Transition Movie’

Leo Brodie
25 Mar 8:16pm

LESS — The New More

Derryl Cocks
6 Apr 10:19pm

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute:

We Need to Tackle This One Together
All Hands Together
A New Energy
We’ve Peaked, Now What?
Life Beyond the Peak
New Communities
Our Biggest Challenge So Far
The New Garden of Eden
A New Life
New Hope
Perhaps We’ll Get it Right This Time!
The Big Transition
Beyond 2009
Life 101: Beyond the Energy Crisis

Greetings from Derryl in Hurleyville, NY

Leo Brodie
7 Apr 10:18pm

Been accumulating some more:

Abundant Descent
Descent into Abundance
Abundance v. Consumption
Design for Abundance
More and Less
Earth Repair
Sustanista Revolution
In Our Hands
This Is Not a Drill
The Great Experiment
Who Are We Waiting For?
Tomorrow Today
Bridge to Tomorrow