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4 May 2009

The Online Premiere of ‘In Transition’. Saturday May 23rd 2009, 1.45pm (GMT)

In Transition: from oil dependency to local resilience. A Film.

We are delighted to announce the near-launch of ‘In Transition’, the hour-long documentary about Transition.  The film is the work of director Emma Goude, with production by Smith and Watson, and with input from Transition communities around the world (for the story of the film, click here.  For those of you who felt the Age of Stupid only told one half of the story, here is the other half.  It tells the story of the generation that looked peak oil and climate change square in the face, and responded with creativity, compassion and genius. We think you’re going to love it.  Here is the trailer…

In the film you will see the stories of communities creating their own currencies, setting up their own pubs, planting trees, growing food.  You’ll see local authorities getting behind their local Transition initiatives, and get a sense of the scale of this emerging movement.  It is a story of hope, and it is a call to action.

The first chance to see the film will be on Saturday May 23rd at 1.45pm, with the premiere of the film at the Transition Network Conference 2009 at the Battersea Arts Centre in London.  However, this event is now sold out, and many of you weren’t able to make it anyway, so at the same time as the film is being shown in Battersea, it will also be streamed live online here (there’s nothing there yet, but just wanted to make sure you have the link.  You will be able to leave comments and thoughts once you have seen it.  It will be released on DVD later in the year, with lots and lots of extras.

Please help us spread the word! Post this trailer on your blogs, tell people about the premiere, Twitter it, spread it around.

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4 May 8:08am

Tried to watch this clip – visually its fine – but I could only just tell they were talking. Certainly couldnt hear what they were saying – even though I checked and the sound on my p.c. is at maximum volume.

Think that volume needs modifying – and I’ll come back for a “proper” view of it.

4 May 8:10am

I clicked the link to get myself “ready for action” to view the film when it comes out – and found it a bit confusing to see the screen I got – with no mention I could see of this particular film. So – think it might be a bit premature to give the link at this moment….

Marcin Gerwin
4 May 10:03am

Ceridwen, perhaps you could try a different web browser? In Firefox 3 it works fine, I have audio and the visual 🙂 In Google Chrome everything is all right as well. However… in Internet Explorer 8 I have a blank space. There’s no movie at all! Anyone has got a phone number to Bill? Microsoft could fix that bug before the premiere.

4 May 10:07am

Have doubled checked and it works fine here too. Anyone else having any problem with it?

Stephen Lark
4 May 10:26am

here’s the time around the world of the online streaming

John Howes
4 May 2:37pm

The problem with the sound is that the music ‘drowns out’ the the very quiet talk. It will depend on what audio system/speakers you are using, not the browser. The sound mix needs to be reviewed.

Graham Burnett
4 May 6:56pm

I also couldn’t hear what the people were saying even though my laptop volume was at its highest (maybe better through external speakers, but that would involve having to find them…) Their voices were drowned out by my wife and children talking at normal volume in the next room!

4 May 6:57pm

I’ve got Internet Explorer (not sure whether its 7 or 8?). I see the picture just fine and the sound IS coming through – its just too faint – I hear the music/I hear the voices – but its way too low to make out what they are saying. Audio system/speakers – ummm….just using my standard basic Vista computer I bought (no add-ons of any description – just what I bought over a year ago and dont normally have problems). So I’m not technically-minded – but I guess maybe the “sound mix” is the problem. Hope this will be sorted out in time for me to join in watching it online in our “virtual” premiere.

Marcin Gerwin
4 May 7:09pm

Rob, I can imagine these are not the comments you have expected after releasing trailer for the Transition movie 😉 Anyway, we plan to invite friends for a “home premiere” and we’ll watch it live on the internet. I like the trailer, though it’s the annoying kind of trailers where the content is not revealed (not even a snapshot), making the viewer anxiously waiting to see the whole movie.

Leslee Lewis
4 May 10:58pm

Great! Can’t wait to see it.

5 May 7:32am

“not the type of comments expected” – I think I might disagree with that one – as its up to us all to make constructive comments if summat isnt working out quite right – in this case the sound on the trailer. ‘Tis better we sort this blip out in advance after all…..that way theres time for these things to be sorted out in advance – so we can all sit there glued to our screens at the time enjoying (if thats the right word…) our film.


Marcin Gerwin
5 May 8:06am

Ceridwen, sure, I agree that it’s important to make constructive comments. What I meant is that when you release a final version of a movie or a book you usually expect to hear one’s opinion about it, did he or she like it or not, rather than realizing that there’s a typing error on page 5.

Regarding the audio problems – do you have the latest Flash player? It’s available for download here:
Perhaps this could be it 🙂

Graham Burnett
5 May 9:17am

Marcin, so far I for one havn’t seen the movie so can’t say whether I liked it or not, and as far as I know neither has hardly anybody else. What was being commented on was the trailer, which is intended to promote the film to a wider potential audience. Personally I’d be happier if the sound issue could be sorted out before I embed it on the Transition Westcliff website because as it stands its not doing an effective job of promoting the film. As for the latest version of Flash Player, no idea if I’ve got this or not, what I do have is the latest version of Firefox which came with version 9.04 of Ubuntu (released about a week and a half ago) so I would imagine that everything is up to date. However that isn’t really the point, surely the onus is on the makers of the trailer to remix the soundtrack so that it can be heard properly by anybody on any computer, not on potential viewers to have to upgrade their systems in order to hear it properly? I’ve watched a number of other Youtube videos over the last couple of days and they all sounded OK BTW. Cheers Graham

5 May 9:51am

Yes the audio does seem low for some reason, so we have re-posted the trailer with everything turned up to 11, which can now be found at this link;


Marcin Gerwin
5 May 12:08pm

Graham, please don’t get me wrong – I’m not criticizing you for reporting technical problems 🙂 I agree that it would be best to have a trailer that plays well on any software.

As far as I remember for the Linux users there used to be problems with Flash player in the past, because they had to be updated by independent developers, so they were ready some time after the Windows version was released.

5 May 7:39pm

Hi Marcin

Well – thanks for your thought re the Adobe Player – I’ve installed the latest version with the link you gave. Then went to check it out on the clip and its been “removed by user” – so I guess Rob is sorting it out at the moment so everyone can watch it – whatever the “state of play” re their computer. I’m certainly not a Linux user – bog-standard Microsoft stuff installed on my p.c. by my computer-user friend – as he told me Linux would be too difficult for me (correct!).

Re other YouTube videos – the only problem I find there is if too many people are trying to “share” at once – then I find they keep doing the stop/start thingie. But – at normal times – no problem at all with the other YouTube clips.

Stephen Watson
5 May 10:15pm

“This video has been removed by the user”.

Hmmm. Perhaps to fix the sound?! …

Looking forward to it muchly.

5 May 10:48pm

Hi folks… back in computer land now after a day on the train to Liverpool and back… I have swapped the videos above over, so the one above is the one now with the improved sound. Hopefully that is all OK and you can continue telling all and sundry about it!!

Graham Burnett
5 May 11:13pm

Much better, thanks Rob, also apologies to Marcin if I seemed a little tetchy there…
I shall now happily embed it on the Transition westcliff site!

6 May 6:44pm

Yep…thats an improvement Rob. I can now hear what they are saying – errrrmmm..’tis still a bit of a “struggle” though (and I have pretty good hearing myself – so dont know how ’twill be for those with poor hearing).

Ummmmm…you dont have a 3rd version by any chance do you – with better sound again……?

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7 May 7:45am


Just spotted your entry re the link posted on the Transition Network on YouTube – re the sound having been turned up to 11.

Is there a higher level again you could turn it up to please? I’ve tried that one – as well as Robs reposted link here – and they’re both much better than before – but still too low volume.



Transition Housewife
7 May 8:30am

Fab trailer, can’t wait to see the film.

PS. Sound fine here.

7 May 3:55pm

Youtube automatically adjusts the sound when it uploads clips so we’ve uploaded another version here:

Tom Mallard
8 May 12:02am

Biodiesel from Sewage Wastewater

To solve the volume needs of energy fuels takes a large supply of nutrients and nutrition to grow the biomass.

A practical existing renewable source of this is secondary WASTEWATER effluent which has an equal weight in dissolved solids to water which means a city like Phoenix, AZ, with 10-million gallons a day of wastewater has 83-million pounds of “fertilizer” in dissolved solids.

So BY TOMORROW, you have to extract all those solids and if you can do that then you have enough to supply all transportation, energy, and heating needs locally with the biodiesel from the local wastewater.

After the organisms have reduced the solids to where growth slows the water is treated to be drinkable again and recycled back into the fresh water system. You don’t need much of a refinery, most cost ~$150k for community sized.

The economics of this should be obvious, saw a pickup here in Phoenix with “Biodiesel 99-cents/Gallon” in detailer primo style on it.

If this is done globally we reduce harmful greenhouse emissions by 60% over gas-ethanol, extraction to burn it up, full cycle (MIT Technology Review, 2006). This isn’t a panacea for global warming but it’s a huge step in the right direction.

Consider using a good generator and local sources of biodiesel instead of being on the grid, it’s way cheaper in the long run and we control the emissions directly.

I’m sorry, I don’t buy that it’s cheaper to burn coal hundreds of miles away, boil steam to generate power and then transport it with losses over that many miles of wire than it is to run a generator off biodiesel produced from local wastewater.

Nuclear power plants may not pollute the atmosphere with emissions, instead they cause direct heat pollution, watt for watt, so that mega-megawatt monster puts out mega-megawatts of heat directly into the environment typically as waste heat cooling down the steam, it will never be a solution to global warming, it will always be a heavy contributor to warming.

The machines needed to do this are growing-harvesting units designed for the assorted stages of extraction, none really exist to deal with this resource on a volume scale and take advantage of itso this is where funding is needed.

I have a lot of work on this but it’s not funded and I’m not good at grants so would like to collaborate with others on getting it done. My units are designed to work even at high latitudes in cold climates 22-hr/day self-contained but I’m clueless on the biotic and pathnogenic needs of these types of systems, it’s gotta’ be a team.

Thanks for your consideration of this strategy to gain what we need right now for fuel with the machines we have, reduce our contribution to global emissions and have cheaper fuel and water by using our own wastewater, a renewable resource that grows with population.

8 May 12:42am

We have posted a ‘re-mastered’ higher quality version of the trailer at the following address, ideal for embedded linking;

This a ‘teaser’ trailer (and so by its nature a little mysterious…) Emma and I are flat out finishing the film in time for the conference at the moment, but once the conference is over, a regular trailer including clips from the film will be made as part of the promotional activity for the film’s distribution.


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15 May 2:33pm

Hi Rob and co,

Video plays fine with Firefox, I have version 2.

I have Twittered it 😉 but think it would be great for TTT to set up its own account.
There are millions of earth loving warriors out there. Lets take it viral and lead the way!

In support for us all.


15 May 2:42pm

Unfortunately the twitter ‘share this’ link does not put up the link.. any teckies able to sort this out?


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Kirsten Bonanza
22 Jun 2:23pm

I can’t wait to see this. I love the idea of Transition Towns and am interested in how this framework of positive thought and movement can help communities to become resilient!