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8 Jun 2009

Your Chance to See ‘In Transition’, the emerging plans for its release, as well as an appeal for help in finishing it…

movieAs you know, we have been making a film about Transition, called ‘In Transition’, which was previewed at the Transition Network conference to a standing ovation, and which we had, unsuccessfully, tried to show online simultaneous to the conference screening.  Now, after much technical fiddling about, we can tell you when and where you can see it, and unveil the plans for its release.  So, you will be able to watch the film online at any time on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June 2009 (BST).  We are running it over two days so as many people get a chance to fit in watching it around their busy lives as possible, one week day and one weekend day.  We think you’re going to rather like it…  There will be several stages to the release of ‘In Transition’, which are set out below…

Stage 1.  The Online Preview.

The exact url. of where to find the film will be posted here, at Transition Culture, on the evening of Thursday 11th 2009 (BST).  The film will then remain online until early Sunday morning, when it will be taken down, … this means that it’s available for a full 48 hours in all timezones. That is, from New Zealand’s midnight Thursday 11th to Alaska’s midnight Sat 13th.  The version of the film that will be available is not the final version, as there are still a few tweaks to make, and one final section to add to it, but it is nearly there, and we can’t keep you waiting any longer.  During those two days you will be able to watch it as many times as you like, and leave your thoughts and comments.  Tell your friends!

Stage 2. Indie Screenings.

This young man is the real star of 'In Transition'...

This young man and his geodesic climbing frame are the real stars of 'In Transition'...

We’re planning then to make the film available via the Age of Stupid’s Indie Screenings website (although this is still being finalised).  The idea is that people will be able to buy the film via the website, on a sliding scale, depending on whether they are individuals, businesses, groups organising community screenings and so on.  Our hope would be that as many Transition initiatives as possible will get copies via. Indie Screenings and organise a screening on Wednesday 9th September… be great to have a simultaneous premiere across the world (more details to follow).

Stage 3. Pay What You Wish

From November 1st 2009, the film will then be made available as a download on a Pay What Its Worth To You basis, like ‘In Rainbows’ by top pop combo Radiohead.

Stage 4. Limited Edition DVD Release

movie21Then, on December 1st 2009, we will be releasing a beautifully packaged limited edition 2 disc DVD of the film containing loads of extras, out-takes, some of those clips on YouTube that people like but don’t have good quality versions of, talks, and assorted other Transition film stuff, comprising a real Transition activists resource.  It will be to be such a wonderful artifact that you will pass it on to your great-grandchildren (although heaven knows what they will be able to play it on by then…).

Stage 5.  Shown on Mainstream TV Around the World

Well, maybe.  I think we are getting a bit carried away now…

Stage 6.  Essential Viewing for Every MP

It will be screened every day in the Houses of Parliament, and standing for re-election will depend on a 20 question exam about the contents of the film (now we really are getting a bit silly, but who knows…)

Hopefully this is all clear, do send any questions, as comments below, as you are almost certainly not the only person wondering…. you could also send in your ideas for other Stages….

Helping to Fund the Film.

We have been very lucky in raising finances to make the film from several charitable trusts.  However, we have reached the end of that, and still need a few thousand pounds for the final editing stages of the film.  Any donations are welcome, but any that are over £1,000 would be very welcome, and would mean your name would appear in the titles, and we would be eternally in your debt and grovellingly grateful.  You can use the ‘Donate’ button below… please support this important tool for spreading the Transition message.  Thanks.

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8 Jun 7:51am

Thanks for that – a date for my diary then. I’ll put a link to this on my blog now then and will tell my MSE virtual friends again (fingers crossed this time….). As one of them asked me in advance the first time – “Are you going to wear your tiara? ” (as in for the virtual world premiere). Thinks…I’ll tell her I’ll get it out of storage now shall I?
Take care

Paula Kovacs
8 Jun 8:52am

Brilliant! Thanks guys. I shall definately be tuning in (pawned the tiara, so rolling out an off-cut of red carpet from the loft)

Matt Walker
8 Jun 10:43am

Fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

I’m still not sure that you have the time thing sorted!
“a full 48 hours in all timezones. That is, from New Zealand’s midnight Thursday 11th to Alaska’s midnight Sat 13th.” !!!
00:00 (BST) on Friday to 00:00 (BST) on Sunday (48 hours would be about mid-day Friday to mid-day Sunday in New Zealand, and mid-day Thursday to mid-day Saturday in Alaska (approximate times).

Vidar Kristiansen
8 Jun 11:31am

The best of luck to the transition movement for your upcoming movie preview. We hope that you get the technical part sorted out this time. We have notified our members and supporters about the event, too, on our blog, in our newsletter and through our Facebook group.

While I’m here. A reader in my home country, Norway, had read a book review of “The Transition Handbook” that we have on our web site and sent me an email to ask if there are any transition initiatives in Norway. To which I answered that I don’t believe there are any, yet. Is that correct?

Kind regards
Vidar Kristiansen
Green Life Innovators

Gus Abbot
8 Jun 3:20pm

Excellent to hear, will copies be available at some point in the future or can it be downloaded on the two dates?

Transition Gus
Transition Town Aboyne

Gus Abbot
8 Jun 3:21pm

oops just scrolled up and read ALL the answers. Never mind. Cheers

Jon H
8 Jun 6:58pm


What modifications are being made to film for the indie screening release?

We have concerns about the lack of diversity in film, ie it being mainly white middle-class people. If this is true it the film may be unsuitable to show in this area.

Also is anything nationly being done about this issue?


8 Jun 8:18pm

Dear Jon,
Yes, there is one additional section being filmed to go into the film in a couple of week, that being one of the key reasons why the film that will be shown in a few days is not the final version. As we said at the conference though, this is the first version, version 1.0, we hope that when we do it again in a year, everyone who had said that this film doesn’t represent where they live will have filmed their initiatives and sent in the tapes, and taken ownership of the film. When the film was screened at the conference, Lucy, who was the person who raised the diversity issue, when I talked to her afterwards, responded to my asking why her initiative hadn’t sent in any footage, said that she felt they were at too early a stage to have anything useful to contribute. Having seen the film though, she felt she could see what they could have added. Although we asked for footage, we could only work with what we had…hence making it very clear that this is Version 1.0, and hoping it inspires waves of footage and that this is an annual remake process… thanks!

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Jon H
9 Jun 1:16pm

Hi Rob,
That is good news. It gives me more confidence we could show it and ask people to contribute to the next film.

9 Jun 3:14pm

You dare to dream- “Shown on mainstream TV around the world”, but then say “maybe not.” Well, I say, think big! Oprah Winfrey did a 10 consecutive week chapter-by-chapter world wide web-cast with Eckhart Tolle discussing his phenomenal book, ‘A New Earth’….Think Possibilities, Think Big.

9 Jun 3:25pm

G’day Rob,

Tomorrow night here in sunny Brisbane we will be meeting with one of our local indigenous leaders. He will be giving us an official blessing to use the name Kurilpa for our TT initiative. We see great opportunity for TT to help promote reconciliation in Australia. We will try and get some decent video footage and send it over to Ben or Ed.



9 Jun 7:50pm


Claudia: Transicion Barcelona
9 Jun 8:03pm

What time will the film go up and come down on Fri/Sat (BST)?

Do you have a version with subtitles available?
I fear a lot of people in this country will have problems understanding it without subtitles, esp. if people are speaking quickly and/or using colloquial expressions (maybe worth considering for the final cut DVD….)

Paula Kovacs
10 Jun 11:13am

I agree with robertofreo, ‘Think Big!’ Can I also suggest a UK schools premiere , whereby every primary and secondary school in the country has a simultaneous (DVD) showing, followed by a specially prepared organic lunch (OK, lunch may be a bit ambitious) and an open forum discussion – ”out of the mouths of babes”…

John Duvall
12 Jun 6:55am

It’s almost 11 PM on Thursday evening in California, and I don’t see an active link. Is it still too early?

Mary-Jayne Rust
12 Jun 8:56am

Fantastic film, very moving, congratulations. Re the v. impt. issue of diversity, as Paul Hawkens says: “We are part of a movement which is broader and deeper than we ourselves can know….the very word movement is too small to describe it….” (2006 Bioneers talk watch if U haven’t seen this yet!) While transition is unique in its own way, could the film make this link, and show, in brief, what so many other diverse communities are already doing?

P French
12 Jun 10:38am

So where is the link then?

C French
12 Jun 11:08am

We’re still waiting for the link to appear……. now Friday midday.

12 Jun 11:31am

Josef Kreitmayer (Austria)
15 Jun 11:27am

Hey there ; )

saw just little of the movie, cause had some problems with the stream,… anyway

1. brilliant Idea to make the film

2. in the comments I read something, that some scenes produce kind of strange feeling of a sect.
This could be very dangerous for producing wrong impessions – I think it was mentioned in the context of some obligatory course people have to attend in order to get part of the transition community. – I think, that quality management is very important, but that to much of it and to stringent obligatory processes would be counterproductive.The already lively community of diverse projects fitting into the transition pattern already existing in Austria do communicate, that they are not interested in obligatory matters like these. Courses and Trainings are important, and people will atend them anyway as they are interested, forcing obligations will – as far as I can think of understanding the matter – not be accepted.

3. The starting sequence of the movie was critizised in a comment. I want to express my positive critics to that scene. The metaphor I think is very nice and easy understandable.
That the old Lady and Sir look kinda different to the youngsters (eye colors do not match for example) does not give any importance to the metaphor as I think. I do Workshop in schools and to produce some kind of understanding for past developments and future developments I do ask the kids in the pre-workshop preperation what year their parents and grandparents were the age they have at that moment, and what year they be of the age of their parents and grandparents at that moment themselves.

That produces some Kind of intergenerational understanding, and provides the grounds for understanding future perspectives for future generations (linked to information about Energy, Climate Change, ways of living and happieness…)

so – short: I think the starting sequence, and also the theme is very succeeded

; )


15 Jun 11:31am

Hi Josef
Just to clarify, Transition Training is not ‘obligatory’… we recommend that some people within each initiative have done it as it is designed to maximise their chances of success, and many people have found that to be the case. However, if they choose not to there is certainly no compulsion…. it is only offered.

bob banner
16 Jun 12:59am

for those of you who wish to learn HOW to screen films in your community, please check out the eBooklet I wrote (about 50 pages) that can aid peopple in setting up the equipment, advertising, making deals with film makers, etc.

Visit: and click the attachment.

We just showed FRESH to over 150 people with 11 cosponsors with wildly fun discussions about what people are DOING about creating and strengthening a local food system; after the film.

thanks / just cant wait to screen In Transition to a large audience

helen - matlock
16 Jun 9:57am


For the Stage 2 Indie Screenings – will it be necessary to book a room with wi-fi access ? Are you planning to do live online discussion or introductions to the film? or do we just need to book any old room to show a DVD in on wed 9th Sept?


Anna Vesala
20 Jun 5:14am

It might be worth setting up a listserv sign-up for those who are interested in getting a reminder or update when the film is available online (Nov). I know I might forget by then!

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9 Sep 12:50am

I want to keep in touch with this and help “grow” more people to be involved!!!

9 Sep 12:52am

Where can I find it on 9/9/09?