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10 Jul 2009

Potato Competition Winner Announced!

potatoI know you were all gripped by Monday’s potato competition, so I can now unveil the correct answer and the winner.  The correct answer was that Bob Dylan did NOT write ‘Blowing in the Wind’ as a ballad about the tragic loss of his Manhattan balcony-grown potatoes to potato blight, it was complete nonsense that I made up (not a new phenomenon here at Transition Culture you might argue).  Congratulations to James Pavitt in Statford whose knowledge of potatoes was sufficiently robust to beat off the competition.  What James will do with his Transition spud remains to be seen; boiled, mashed, or perhaps even chipped?  Thanks to all who entered, and James, buon appetit!

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Brad K.
11 Jul 5:12am

Why limit the choices to cooking the potato?

My grandmother claimed you weren’t hungry if you wouldn’t eat a raw potato. Sis liked hers with salt, I just rinsed mine off.

Plus, it might make sense to *plant* that “Dylans’ Wind” potato. 😉

11 Jul 9:35pm

(In the style of an Oscars acceptance speech)

Thank you, thank you! I can hardly type I’m so excited! I’ve never been so honoured! And this fabulous potato – it’s so – erm – Yule Brenner.

As I stand here in my Jersey Royal, holding this Golden Wonder, the sense of satisfaction I feel takes me back to the day I asked my best spuddy, Anja, to be my wife. She was all I could Desiree. Mind you, I had some pretty tough competition, the Duke of York AND King Edward had an ‘eye’ on her. However, I introduced them to that wonderful pair, Nadine and Charlotte and now we have an Accord. I simply got down on my knee and said “Wilja marry me?” Anja turned Kerr’s Pink and said “yes!” At the wedding ceremony we had a Maris Piper who got terribly drunk and so we had Maris Bard.

But I digress. My heartfelt thanks go to my fellow stars, Quentin Crisp, Mr Potato-head from Toy story, plus the entire casts of M*A*S*H, the Fry who Loved Me, Goodbye Mr Chips and Full Metal Jacket Potato. You are all Smashing! I shan’t waffle on too long, but to you, my wonderful audience, I wish to propose a roast!