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28 Jul 2009

Book Your Screenings of ‘In Transition’ Now

movie3‘In Transition’, the 50 minute film about Transition created, in part, using the stories that Transition initiatives themselves filmed, is now completed.  The final cut is all done, and rather good it is too.  It has been rearranged from that previewed online and that shown at the Transition Network conference, and it contains a whole new section too.  As we mentioned before, the film will be released in different stages, ending up with a 2 disc DVD set available in December.  The first stage is for Transition initiatives to screen the film, and we are keen to get as many initiatives as possible to show it on September 9th.  Helen at Transition Network will be contacting all the ‘official’ Transition initiatives over the next few days, but if you would like to arrange a screening where you are, please contact her at transitionmovie (at), or call her on 05601531882.  You never know, we might get more premieres on one day than ‘Age of Stupid’!

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28 Jul 8:38am

Is this the movie that we tried to watch online previously?
…during the conference.
I was disappointed that I couldn’t see it, but I’d love to see a copy now. How can I get one?

Julian Carnell
28 Jul 8:58am

We would like to organise a screening at the Transition Festival on 19 Sept 09 in Torbay. If anyone would like to get involved visit

Susan Bedwell
28 Jul 3:27pm

I would love to see In Transition. Please keep me posted.

30 Jul 8:09am

Yes please. We are not an ‘official’ Transition yet, but are looking for good visual materials to use to get one off the ground in the North West Bay region of Tasmania. How do I get my hands on it?


30 Jul 8:14am

Hi Phil.

I’m in South Australia, and I met a number of Tasmanians in Daylesford at the TT weekend last Feb.

Do you have any of that group there, where you are?

30 Jul 8:24am

Hi Jane,

The Tassie Transition network has two main resources, although it’s early days yet. You can reach us through, or have a look at The latter seems to be most active at the moment. Sustainable Living Tasmania (Margaret Steadman [] is another great resource and pretty much co-ordinating the whole Tassie thing (as much as anything so bottom up can be co-ordinated!).


Clare Ewins
30 Jul 5:52pm

9/9/9 is also an Environmental Action Day ‘999 It’s Time’ – so it would be especially good if lots of Transition Initiatives were able to tie in with that by organising screenings and offering a positive vision of the future.

Brad Scott
17 Aug 6:25pm

Do you know the approx running length yet, please? Just trying to finalise the details for the programme. Thanks