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1 Sep 2009

The ‘Eco Worriers’ Explore the Art of Gentle Persuasion

Here’s a great 10 minute programme, the first in the ‘Eco Worriers’ series, which looks at powerdown issues from a very particular, and very entertaining, perspective. Definitely worth a watch.

Eco-Worriers: Episode 1 from Daf Palfrey on Vimeo.

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2 Sep 5:08pm

Great! 😀 Is this showing on TVs or just on the Internet?

I think transition / peakoil communication should definetely go this way everywhere. We live in an audiovisual society. Though I love British humour I think each culture should apply its own taste to this approach.

Congratulations to Eco Worriers team.

Ed Straker
4 Sep 8:27pm

I did something kind of similar, but with computer animation. Enjoy.