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4 Nov 2009

‘Transitioning Whidbey’: a film about, erm, Transitioning Whidbey

Here is a rather good film from the good people at Transition Whidbey in the US, letting the world know what they’ve been up to.  Fantastic to see places making films like this, do film what you’re doing in this way, document your Transition work for ‘In Transition 2.0’.  Thanks to the Whidbey folks for this….

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Shane Hughes
4 Nov 9:36pm

wonderful! absolutely inspiring and nurturing and so timely given the recent attacking article from Alex Steffen which cast a dark shadow on Transition. Now washed away. Thanks Widbey.

4 Nov 10:36pm

That’s Whidbey, with an “h”. 🙂

One of the problems with the transition movement in the US is that even if there’s one in your backyard, you don’t know it’s there. Whidbey Island is 25km away, yet I didn’t know that there were any transition movements happening in my state….

Joshua Nelson
4 Nov 11:29pm

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is spelled “Whidbey” 😉

Nice work otherwise!

5 Nov 12:51am

Oops. Odd, because I did change it to having an h in before I posted it, must have saved the wrong version. All sorted now though. Bit like the amount of articles I see that refer to ‘Totness’ or ‘Rob Hoskins’, or worse again ‘Bob Hoskins’!

Ben Brangwyn
5 Nov 2:40am


You mentioned not knowing if there’s a transition initiative near you over there in the US. There are googlemaps of initiatives linked on this page (, usually with contact details, so you should be able to find that information out.

Hope that helps. Ben.

Judith N
5 Nov 4:08am

Kristi –

What Ben said… and also see


6 Nov 12:19am

Is Whidbey’s Vicki Robin the Vicki Robin who co-authored “Your Money or Your Life?” I’m impressed (that is, even more impressed) if so.
That is one of the books that set me on this path.

Joshua Nelson
6 Nov 12:24am

She is one and the same, check it out:

David MacLeod
7 Nov 3:54am

Mark, in 2006 Vicki Robin spoke at the Community Solutions Peak Oil Conference. A brief excerpt posted here:

Also, Vicki Robin has recently joined the new Economic Transition Advisory Counsel for Transition U.S.

8 Nov 5:46pm

Apparently my reading comprehension isn’t very good, because it took me two viewings of the video before I noticed Vicki in the credits as the author of YMOYL. Thank you all for your information and links.

I think it is really excellent that there is an Economic Transition council for Transition US, and that Vicki is a part of it. Whenever I try to imagine what a steady-state economy looks like I think of Your Money Or Your Life, and also Amy Dacyczyn’s Tightwad Gazette series for the consumption side of the ledger.