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21 Dec 2009

Putting Transition Culture to Bed for Christmas

tortoiseTransition Culture now gets lovingly picked up, wrapped in bits of cloth and old newspapers and put into a snuggly little box in the cupboard under the stairs in order to hibernate peacefully for a couple of weeks while I do family Christmas things and New Year things and generally take a break.  Normal service (whatever that is) will be resumed on Monday January 4th.  Have a great break yourselves, and thanks for your company here over the last year.

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Alejandro Ahumada
21 Dec 6:43pm

Have fun!!

and thanks for everyhting.

Merry Christmas!

Robert H. Hopkins
21 Dec 7:20pm

Have a wonderful holiday. (I’m a heathen, and don’t really think about it as Christmas) Enjoy yourselves entirely too much!

julie chou
22 Dec 3:04am

Hi, Rob,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I’ve learned a lot from your blog.
It is time to say ‘thank you’ for the last a few months and the interview in Totnes on Sept. 24th in Transition office.
Will keep following your updates and introduce it to other friends as well.
Have a wonderful holiday!!!

Julie in Taipei

22 Dec 4:20am

Yes, Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Solstice!

I’m making home made apple pie filling tomorrow as gifts…only my second time canning…Wish me luck!


Louise Pen y Graig
22 Dec 2:23pm

Have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for your blog. I really enjoy iot and am inspired by it. It’s refreshing to read something positve rather than the doom and gloom of the news.

Dalton R Catchpaugh
22 Dec 3:05pm

Merry Christmas Rob and to all in the Transition movement. Completed my reading of “The Transition Handbook” a couple of weeks ago and have now turned to read “Permaculture”. It’s fascinating, inspirational and way forward to a sustainable future. Learning much from this web site, reading everyone’s comments.

Happy Holidays!

Ian McCormick
8 Jan 10:28am

I agree that the films featured are indeed pithy and inspiring with an individual quirkiness as well as some shared themes that collapse the global/local divide.

Beyong the youtube homevideo craze there is a growing field of community or participation-led video production which involves creativity and critique (dialogue)- ‘our’tube

We have been trying to faeture some of these in our international community film festival

Dr Ian McCormick