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21 Dec 2009

The TTT Christmas Party

Thought you might like to see this short film of the TTT Christmas party, which shows the moment when we were able to tell everyone about the success of our Low Carbon Communities Challenge application.

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Mike Grenville
21 Dec 3:40pm

Communities in Norfolk, Isle of Wight, London, Nottinghamshire, Pembrokeshire, Cheshire, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Oxfordshire and Devon are the first of twenty communities to benefit from a £10million fund as part of the Low Carbon Communities Challenge.

Full list here

Corrina McFarlane
22 Dec 1:02am

Thanks for posting & congratulations. You must be stoked (non-carbon of course:)

Nick Nicholls
22 Dec 2:07am

Congratulations on your Low Carbon Community funding. There are lots of us in Australia watching with interest.

1 Jan 8:59pm

half a million £ for Totnes??? wow. outstanding.

Now- watch out. When they finally give you money, and say “ok, show us” – you have to really make it work. That’s a lot of work.


And- money tends to make people cranky -“you want to spend OUR money on WHAT?? You’re totally wrong; that would be a waste of all OUR efforts- we obviously should be spending on THIS,,,”

Kind of inevitable- but if everybody is aware of the hazard ahead of time, it can help.