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25 Mar 2010

Martin Crawford and me speaking at the Launch of ‘Climate Friendly Food’

climatefriendlyA while ago, at Schumacher College, Climate Friendly Food was launched, an innovative approach to getting farmers measuring the carbon implications of their farming, definintely worth supporting and checking out.  There were some great speakers, including a particularly in-form Martin Crawford of the Agroforestry Research Trust.  Here is his talk, and below it, mine.  Regular readers will know that Martin is a great hero of mine, and his forthcoming book ‘Creating a Forest Garden’ is eagerly awaited at Hopkins Towers.

…and here’s mine….

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Shane Hughes
25 Mar 11:55am

Martin mentioned his two acre forest garden sequestering 40t/co2 p.a. i wonder what this means scaled up??
was boichar mentioned as an ingredient in Climate Friendly Food systems?
Soils have to be recognised by international negotiations and funding etc

Shaun Chamberlin
25 Mar 4:11pm

Given that the climate science is clear that we need to not only reduce emissions, but actually draw down carbon from our atmosphere, and given the terrifying ideas being suggested in the name of ‘geoengineering’ (including industrial scale biochar), I do think bolstering soil carbon through methods like permaculture and keyline has to be a critical area

I did a post drawing attention to the important work of the Soil Carbon Coalition a few months ago which may be of interest.

25 Mar 4:30pm

I liked very much the presentation by Martin Crawford. An implication is that mechanized organic farming has serious drawbacks, as it too destroys life. This is something we do not like to say loudly, but, as we become aware of it, we should gradually promote something else: no-till, forest gardens,…

P Smith
24 Apr 11:07pm


You present Chris Martenson as a useful resource. But you fail to mention his background. Chris Martenson was a VP for Science Applications Internation Corporation (SAIC). – –

SAIC is _the_ single most advanced technology defense contractor on the planet. They do the highest of high tech outsourcing for the US Department of Defense, the CIA, the DIA and the NSA.

Who are the DIA and the NSA – ‘Three letter acronyms’ that you have (mostly) _still_ never heard of. (*) Halliburton — of Iraq and Afghanistan DOD sub-contracting rip-off fame — are cave-dwelling troglodytes by comparison, in their technological sophistication.

SAIC did a contract for the CIA with ‘consultant’ and suicidee Steven Hatfil that suggested mailing anthrax _before_ it was implemented — by those _still_ unknown — after 911. SAIC has created the data-mining tools needed to destroy democracy in the USA — while supposedly looking for ‘hate-figures-de-jour.’

If there was anywhere on earth that Martenson might be expected to have got religion — seen the light, and the error of his ways, — and learned what the US government and its adult supervisors _really_ know is going on — it is SAIC.

Does Martenson mention this? Does he even acknowledge his employment at SAIC. No and no.

Does that mean that what he says is a lie or disinformation? No. While there is an enormous amount of disinformation on the internet, it is possible that he is accurate and truthful. BUT he gives himself a huge credibility problem by failing to mention it, failing to address his (resulting lack of) credibility and behaving as if it were invisible to his readers.


Your own credibility and that of TransitionNetwork.Org and Transition Culture also take an extreme hit, a) for providing him as a source with out mentioning this apparent huge conflict of interest and b) Inquiring minds then turn to your own funders and their ‘interesting’ backgrounds.

Why would someone want to ‘Astroturf’ an organization like Transition Culture? To a) kick off a needed change, b) divert the rubes into meaningless activity and away from working for political change, c) both, d) other — many, many others, e) none of the above? Left as an exercise for the reader with a lot more time on his hands.

(*) DIA –