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2 Apr 2010

2010 Transition Network Conference Venue and Dates Announced!!

Open Space at last year's conference in Battersea

Open Space at last year's conference in Battersea

As was previously announced, what had been the venue for this year’s Transition Network conference fell through at the last minute, and a valiant effort has been going on backstage to find a new venue.  I can now announce, therefore, that the 2010 Transition Network conference will be held at the beautiful Seale Hayne Agricultural College near Newton Abbott, here in the county of Devon.  Full details are now available here, and more information about costs and booking will follow shortly, as will, no doubt, requests for ideas, inputs, workshops and so on.  Any of you who have been to a Transition Network conference before don’t need to be told how lively, inspiring, connecting and energising they are, if you haven’t been to one yet, now’s the time to put it in your diary…  See you there!

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Sam Gough
14 Apr 4:19pm

This sounds extremely interesting. I would love to get some more information about this, for instance how many people will be in attendance, and costs.