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25 Jun 2010

An Inside View on the 2010 Transition Network conference, by Sophy Banks

Many of those who attended the recent Transition Network conference remarked on how well facilitated the event was, and on the group process run on the Sunday.  Although the event was designed to feel as self-organised as possible, there was a great deal of intentional design behind the event, much of which was the work of Sophy Banks (see left).  In the following piece, Sophy explains the thinking behind how the event was facilitated, and offers tips for those wanting to organise similar events.

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22 Jun 2010

Final Film from Transition Network Conference 2010 – Reflections on Stoneleigh’s Talk

This last short film from the conference features Peter and myself responding to a question from Miguel Leal from Paredes em Transição, a Transition initiative in Portugal, about Stoneleigh’s talk.  Thanks to Sara and Emilio from nu-project for making all these great films, a fitting record to a great event…

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19 Jun 2010

An Interview with Transition Brazil from the 2010 Transition Network Conference

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17 Jun 2010

Some Odds and Sods From Day Three of the Transition Network Conference 2010

Here is a short compilation of some of the highlights of Day Three of last weekend’s conference, including my comparing Christopher Alexander to Captain Beefheart, not something I’m sure happens every day of Christopher’s life….. and also the song in ode to Ben’s kitchen bossing abilities….

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17 Jun 2010

The Transition Network Conference Closing Circle….

Another film from the prolific studios of the nu-project, this time capturing some of the closing circle of the conference, including Peter Lipman’s reflections on Stoneleigh’s talk, and thoughts from the delegates….

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