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19 Jun 2010

An Interview with Transition Brazil from the 2010 Transition Network Conference

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Joel Welty
20 Jun 12:25am

We need a network of Community Economic Development and Empowerment local efforts. That’s how I look at Transition Towns. This economic development should take the form of local non-profit cooperatives, each shaped by local circumstances. That is what I can help with, here in central Michigan (lower peninsula).

Mandy Meikle
21 Jun 3:01pm

I agree that Transition Initiatives shouldbe seen as alternative economies. This doesn’t mean they all need their own currency, but without cheap energy the economy as we know it will disappear. The big question is what will it be replaced by? Localised provision of food etc. is the only way. I wonder how much research/thought has gone into localising other key & currently centralised needs, such as sanitation?

8 Sep 1:52pm


1 of the Barcelona transition team here, we have many friends from brazil, or people who have lived there for some time, and we have heard that there is great things going on there. Can people pass on links to local brazil initiaves, websites, etc…