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5 Apr 2010

A Film of the Launch of ‘Local Food’

It’s a while ago now, but the great event that was the launch of “Local Food: how to make it happen in your community” has now been immortalised in a rather good film record of the evening.  It was hosted by yours truly, but featured talks by Claire Milne (Transition Network), Julie Brown (Growing Communities), Zoe Leventhal (Transition Town Brixton’s Food Group) and permaculture artists Holly Gregson and Richard Houguez, as well as, of course, Tamzin herself.  The film was made by Samuel Stonehill to whom many thanks.

Local Food Book Launch, October 2009 from Tamzin Pinkerton on Vimeo.

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Patricia Dodd Racher
20 Apr 10:03am

Reproduced from comments on Robert Peston’s blog ‘Peston’s Picks’: ash-caused disruption of long-distance transport signalling a return to local economies:

“84. At 9:30pm on 19 Apr 2010, wakeupbritain wrote:
I came home this evening to find a second deposit of volcanic ash on my kitchen sky-light (first event was Saturday). I’m 30 miles east of manchester airport, high up in the peak district. It was very hazy tonight too (more dust I think).

Not sure I would risk going up in a plane tomorrow!

I’m on the flight path to manchester from Europe, I just hope these airlines are properly considering the risk to those on the ground too!

I suggest in future all airlines consider taking out “business interuption insurance” as clearly their business model is broken going forward without it. This situation will go on indefinately.

Factor that insurance into your cheap flights and air freighted food /drugs / spare parts etc. and the whole thing falls over.

Globalisation isn’t working! Let’s get back to basics; manufacture our own goods, grow our own food, own and run our own banks, trade any surplus with local European neighbours.

Definately no bail-out again, these airlines have a non-sustainable business model! Fair weather businesses…

Let these businesses fail and then have a re-think.”