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19 Apr 2010

Transition Town Kingston: the story so far….

Here’s a great short film about Transition Town Kingston, created for their Unleashing, which took place on Saturday.  Wonderful when initiatives document their work like this.  Not quite sure what’s going on with Shaun Chamberlin and the phone box… looks like he has wrestled it to the ground….

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Shaun Chamberlin
19 Apr 11:11am

Oh God, it was always going to be revealed on video on day. I just can’t help it, they’re so big and red and wrestlable…

No, seriously, it’s a modern Kingston tradition – red phone boxes originated here and they were despised initially, so one of those obscure laws was passed that allows phonebox wrestling within the bounds of Old Kingston. Sometimes you see them piled high in the town centre.

19 Apr 11:54am

I never knew Kingston was so hard.

19 Apr 1:41pm

I cant hear the spoken track, is this just me?

19 Apr 2:26pm

Just you I think, works fine for me….
Not sure what to suggest… good luck!

Paula Kovacs
20 Apr 9:33am

Excellent video. Delighted to see they have a stitch in time group up and running.Re: wrestling phone boxes…I notice on the TTT home page you (Rob) are eyeing a coat hanger rather suspiciously at the Christmas D.E.C.C. party (at the back of the room)…could be a worrying trend.

Nathan Surendran
21 Apr 1:14am

A general question. I note the copyright sign that the Transition Kingston website displays. Does this mean that other Transition Groups are not free to adapt parts of their work for our own initiatives? I believe this is against the general ‘open source’ principal if this is the case. Perhaps guidance clarifying control of material published on transition websites would be helpful, and perhaps this would be an appropriate license: – I think this allows you to re-publish as long as you refer to the original author, who allows non-commercial use and development of the text (for transition groups, etc) but retains the right to charge for commercial adaptation (to allow some revenue for work of interest to commercial entities, and to give some commercial ‘hijack’ protection to the efforts made)…

Thoughts anyone? Is there a better place to discuss this? Have I missed somewhere that this is clarified?

Cheers, Nathan

21 Apr 10:03am

Fantastic presentation Thank you!

Eric Leach
21 Apr 5:54pm

It’s just so powerful to have so many people airing their passion for their subjects.

The TTK Council group is interesting. My own perception is that my Council doesn’t have a clue about how to deal with its TT organisation. Council Officers (especially those in ‘Regeneration’) just completely ignore Peak Oil.

21 Apr 6:15pm

Phonebox Smackdown!

Shaun Chamberlin
22 Apr 2:23pm

Good point Nathan – I hadn’t noticed that on our new website yet! It only went live for our Unleashing on Saturday, and presumably Nick (who kindly put the website together) is just v used to putting copyright on all the websites he builds, as that’s what most clients would want.

As you say, Creative Commons (which I use on my own site) seems much more appropriate. I’ll run it past the rest of the Steering Group, and assuming they agree we’ll get it sorted.