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21 May 2010

An Online Chat to the City of Edmonton

A few weeks ago I did an interview, via Skype, for the City of Edmonton in Canada.  The conversation was for part of a series called “The Way We Green”.  They have now posted it online, and you can find it below (in two parts).  I seem to be doing a lot of these Skype things these days, I did one yesterday to the Nova Scotia Planning Directors Conference which went very well.

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Corrina McFarlane
21 May 4:14pm

Thank You! Permit me (just another way we green): RT#sustainable Wounded Knee Beautiful cob house Home. Many willing hands (and feet!), now an Ask for even $1 through ReTweet 2 Give (swift giving tool inspired by Haiti days) A stellar house for the Star People RT2Give $

Jenny Lockwood
23 May 3:40pm

Skype is an excellent way to communicate across boundaries. I regularly use it in 1-to-1 and conference-type meetings.

There are also useful and relatively inexpensive tools available that allow you to share files, run presentations etc in a collaborative way over the web. I’ve successfully used GoToMeeting (from Citrix) which incurs a monthly subscription but you only need pay for those months you are using it. It’s a brilliant and very reliable tool (and no, I don’t work for Citrix – just trying to reduce travel where possible!)

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