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1 Jun 2010

Competition Time! Win a Copy of ‘Local Money’ by Peter North…!

Local-MoneyWe have 5 copies of ‘Local Money’ to give away.  As usual, I have created a fiendishly difficult competition, one that will have you lying awake trying to come up withe correct answer (these things are precious after all, I’m not just giving them away…).  So, what follows is a list of alternative currencies, of which 2 are fictitious, and the rest are genuine.  If you think you know the two false ones, email me at rob (at) by 10pm on Sunday 6th June (do not post your answers as comments below!).  The first five winners drawn out will win a copy of the book (alternatively you can order one here).  So, here is your list of currencies:  The Manchester ‘Bobbin’, The Maleny ‘Bunga’, The Hawick Pound, The Chiemgauer, The Baroon Dollar, The Yootle, The Belgooly Spondooley, The Ithaca Hour, The Brixton Pound, The Glasgow Gromit.  Good luck, and may the best man/woman win!

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