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7 Jun 2010

‘Local Money’ Competition Results Announced

Champagne PoppingThe moment of truth has arrived.  Before I announce the winners, I must make reference to the ‘Maleny Bunga’ which, as several of you pointed out was actually called the Maleny Bunya (I blame the Transition Maleny website, which refers to the ‘Bunga’!).  Seeing as it was my mistake, and that therefore strictly speaking, saying that the Bunga wasn’t a real currency was actually a correct answer, I have also accepted that as a third possible correct answer, the other two being the Belgooly Spondooley (c’mon Belgooly, make our day, go for it…) and the Glasgow Gromit.  So, in no particular order, here are the 5 winners, chosen by, each of whom get a copy of Pete North’s wonderful new book ‘Local Money’.  Raymond Veermaak, Mary Loveday-Edwards, Guy Martin, Jonathan Dawson and Tina Boynton.  Well done all…..

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