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9 Jun 2010

Your Pictures of Local Councils/Transition Initiatives Needed Please!

Just finished reading, on the train home from the talk I gave last night in Godalming, the draft of Alexis Rowell’s forthcoming book, “Communities, Councils and a Low Carbon Future: what we can do if governments won’t”.  It is shaping up to be an excellent immersion in how to engage with your local authority, in what is already happening in Councils across the country, and what it looks like when Councils and Transition groups work together.  Anyway, for his book, we need to gather as many good pictures of Transition groups and local Councils interacting.  If you have any pictures of events you have done with your local Council, posters, trainings, times when Council representatives have spoken at your events, and so on.  Anything you’ve got, we’d love to see it.  Email them to, and I’ll forward them to Alexis…. Thanks!

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Cristiano Bottone
9 Jun 10:10am

From Uk or from everywhere?

9 Jun 10:16am

Everywhere! The more the merrier!

James Samuel
9 Jun 11:55pm

OK. I have a bunch of stuff, from my work with the Manukau City Council. Photos, videos and reports, that should be of value. I’ll gather it up now.