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10 Jun 2010

The Art of Rapid Transition, a new publication from nef

Last year I spoke at the Hay Literary Festival as part of a series of talks that the New Economics Foundation organised.  They were very well attended and brought some great speakers together.  Now a small book has been produced by nef, edited from transcripts of those talks, and a wonderful little gem it is too.  You can order hard copies from nef here, or download it free here.

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Chris Rowland
11 Jun 10:07am

Thanks for this Rob. I read Dr Julia Wright chapter about Cuba and picked up the following key points: all about mind sets, re-Localising, improved health, human well-being. All core Transition ideas already in practice in Cuba. Perhaps some form of one to one knowledge sharing could be set up? Flying aside I feel like going to Cuba now, especially after News Night raised the issue of 2015 for Peak Oil. It was inspiring to see Monty Don’s visit to Cuba documented on TV and it was good to see him as a public figure talking with passion about local food production in Cuba.
Sorry to say I cannot be at the TT Conference this year as the TTL Energy Group and OVESCo are running the Lewes Energy Fair this weekend, but hope you all have a very inspiring time and look forward to hearing for TTL pilgrims when they get back to Lewes. No doubt they will tell you a new tale about PV panels on a home in the Lewes conservation area.