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11 Jun 2010

Conference Time… it’s Off to Seale Hayne…

The conference guides/Pattern Language booklets just back from the printers....

The Transition Network office is a blur of activity this morning as the last-minute preparations are put in place for our wholesale temporary relocation to Seale Hayne Agricultural College for the 2010 Transition Network conference this weekend.  There are banners, posters, Post-It notes, pens, petty cash tins, sticky tape, books, DVDs, and the printed copies of the conference booklet I posted here in its electronic format last week just arrived from the printers.  Here are some stats about the event… there will be around 275 full participants, plus 35 day ticket holders, 3 keynote listeners, 5 professional media people and 5 freelance filmers/podcasters. Although we are unable to provide live World Cup-style coverage of the whole thing, here’s some information about where you’ll be able to keep up with the event over the weekend and beyond. 

Banners, flipchart pads and other stuff awaiting transportation to Seale Hayne...

There will be posts here at Transition Culture, mostly my own reflections when I get a moment to record any, but the main forum for the multiple-author flurry of blogging activity will be over at the Transition Network’s wonderful new site… in the dedicated Conference Blogging space.  Any films that are produced will be put in the Network’s YouTube Channel (but almost certainly linked to in blog posts too, photos will be added to the Transition Flickr pages, and for those of you who follow Twitter, all tweets produced at the event will use the hashtag #ttcon2010.  Also, the wonderful Carl Munson will be podcasting from the conference, you’ll be able to follow him here.  Wow.  How’s that for a 21st century multi-media smorgasbord of communications technology marvels?  I’m impressed anyway…..  Right, now, did I remember to pack my toothbrush?

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1 Comment

Shaun Chamberlin
11 Jun 4:17pm

According to both Ed and, er, you (on Twitter), the hashtag for the Conference is actually #ttcon2010 !

Incidentally, disappointed to see that the team chickened out at the last minute and sent *accurate* directions to the car folk 😉