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21 Jul 2010

Jeremy Jackson on How We Wrecked the Oceans

Here is a staggering TED talk about the state of the Earth’s seas.  You might want to watch this sitting down … and to cancel that fish supper…

Categories: Climate Change, Economics, Food

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Tom A
21 Jul 2:55pm

‘The End of the Line’ film is also excellent on this topic:

22 Jul 4:25am

Since my MFA on Water Issues, I’ve known about this and haven’t eaten fish either. I’m working on tranquil non-desiring and hope for Global Coherency

Alan Zulch
22 Jul 6:19pm


It was all highly sobering, but the image and description of the ocean floor following the trawler bottom-scraping for fish served to push me ever closer to doing what I really haven’t wanted to do at all…give up eating fish altogether.

Thank you for posting this.

25 Jul 8:43am

Fish supper cancelled … permanently …

vince adams
25 Jul 1:40pm

I was greatly moved by the Ted Jackson film on the state of our oceans. It was rather neatly put and very understandable for the amateur environmentalist.
The key issue is how do we get this message out there with frightening or turning off our fellow citizens.
I’d like to know ideas on how other people groups have built an understandable and people friendly message that gets their local public off their seats and doing something.

26 Jul 2:07pm

I think that generally people need time to come to the difficult truth in their own way.

In the meantime, it seems to be more effective to start where people already are – to talk to them about saving money, and having more fun.

Focus on the social, fun, affordable, manageable first steps which can get people started on the journey – maybe clubbing together to help one another start growing some fruit and veg in their gardens, or doing energy audits of one anothers houses.

Feed in the resources to answer the deeper and wider questions as they arise.

Keith Thomas
29 Jul 6:33am

I agree with everyone here, and Ted Jackson too, but I thought Jackson’s talk was heavy on superficial assertion and weak on facts and well-founded extrapolations. I was hoping to send it on to friends, but came to the conclusion early on that those not already informed and convinced about the war of extermination humans are fighting against ocean life would not be persuaded by Jackson. There is nothing Jackson said at any point that marked him out as an experienced scientist. Any committed kid could have put the entire text together after a day on the web with Google. A lost opportunity.