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1 Sep 2010

Simultaneous Transition Open Eco-Homes Days!

Open Eco-Home days are a great way of promoting the idea of green building in all its many manifestations.  I have no idea whether the two events were planned to coincide, but two Transition initiatives, Totnes and Stroud, are holding Open Eco-Homes weekends at the same time, the weekend of the 11th-12th September.  The Totnes weekend (see poster left) provides access to 13 houses which have taken steps to reduce their energy use, ranging from a new cob house with a thatched roof (absolutely gorgeous) to some of the houses that have participated in Transition Streets and have made a range of energy efficiency improvements.  You can download the flyer for the weekend in 2 parts, here and here. The Stroud event visits over 20 homes, and has become an established part of the local calendar.  They also produce an excellent leaflet for the event, which you can download here.  You can find out more about the Stroud events here.   Transition Town Lewes also did one last year, but I haven’t been able to find any links to their doing it this year.  Perhaps they, or any other Transition initiative doing one, might let us know in the comments thread below?  Do try and get along to support one of these excellent events…

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1 Sep 10:27am

Bristol Green doors is the same weekend (11 september), with about 50 houses open to the public. see

1 Sep 10:34am

Thanks Cliff… apologies for not picking up on that one! Best of luck with it….

1 Sep 7:55pm

Vickie Moller has been running eco tours from Newport Pembs for quite a while now.

1 Sep 9:04pm

Looks like they are doing Open Eco-Homes in Brighton too on that same weekend…

1 Sep 9:48pm

Strangely enough, Transition Black Isle has its second “Greening Homes and Gardens Day” on 11th September, with 16 open homes, plus a solar powered boat offering trips on the Beauly Firth. It must be something to do with the phase of the moon?

Chris Bird
2 Sep 10:28am

Hi Rob
It’s no coincidence that so many Eco Open House events are happening on the weekend of September 11th/12th. They are part of the national Heritage Open Days. By making these eco-home events part of the national event you can benefit from their publicity arrangements as well as the insurance they arrange. The Old Home Superhome network and Kevin McCloud’s Great British Refurb are also having events that coincide. So it’s a great time to get out there and see what people are up to.
Incidentally, I’ll be launching the latest title in the Transition Series, ‘Local Sustainable Homes’ at the Energy Fair which is part of the Stroud Open Homes event. Very appropriate as I began my research for the book at their event last year.

3 Sep 10:39am

And Transition Chesterfield is taking part too… or call 01246 234899