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10 Sep 2010

A Progress Report from Stroudco

I have referred to Stroudco here before, the innovative ‘food hub’ project in Stroud which aims to “provide local people with a new way of linking with local producers to buy good food and drink at fair prices for consumers and producers”, to “make a real connection between consumers and farms and other local places producing food and drink” and to provide everyone involved with “control, understanding, awareness, education, social links, nourishment and fun”.  It has been running for a few months now, so how’s it going?  Here’s a short film that provides a fascinating update on Stroudco….

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10 Sep 5:42pm

It all sounds great, except there seemed to be a lot of plastic bags, but perhaps they were reused.

14 Sep 8:20pm

Is this something you hope to start in Totnes?

22 Sep 4:59pm

yes it is something we hope to start in Totnes. watch this space!