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10 Sep 2010

The First Transition Network Diversity Newsletter

Catrina Pickering, Transition Network’s Diversity Co-ordinator, has just published the first Diversity Newsletter, which will become a regular feature.  Future newsletters will be posted on the Transition Network site, where you can also subscribe to it. 

Transition Network Diversity News: September 2010

Inclusion in Transition

What can we do to become more inclusive?  This is a question that we at the Transition Network are starting to grapple with and if we’re going to grapple with it well, we’ll need your help, input and ideas too.  What kind of inner change might need to undertake in order to become a more inclusive movement?  Your thoughts on this – from the mundane to the sublime to the completely off the wall – are very welcome.  Are we absolutely insisting on inclusion and holding it at the core of everything we do is it more of a “well, that would be nice but let’s wait until after the Transition”?  To find out more and post your thoughts on this discussion, read the blog post on inclusion in Transition here.

Calling Faith Practitioners

Do you practise a faith? Whether you’re a Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Quaker or practising any other faith, we’d love to hear from you.  We’re in the process of building links with different faith groups and partners.  Plans afoot include a Quaker Transition conference in June 2011 and a Green Muslim event later this year, hopefully leading to a large scale national Green Ramadan Festival in 2011.  If you have a faith and are involved in Transition, we’d really welcome your ideas and input into this work.  To find out more, contact Catrina Pickering,, 01865 403147.

From Training to Action

The Bringing Diversity Pilot Project, run by Transition Network, is aimed at supporting a small number of Transition initiatives to develop a diversity approach to their work.  Over the coming months, 13 Transition initiatives from London to Southampton to Lampeter will receive training enabling them to explore their own inner processes around inclusion and power, to find out what works and to develop action plans to be taken forward with support over the coming months.  Watch this space to see how it evolves.

Scotland Interfaith and Beliefs Conversation Day

What are the values of stewardship and caring for the planet’s resources that your faith or belief provides you with? Would you be interested in gathering with other people and groups across Scotland to share and explore these?

This initial day is planned for September so if you would like to register some interest or just have a chat then please email me at luci (at) or call 07825 970 004.

Diverse Roots of Belonging Conference, November 2010, Edinburgh

The Transition Diverse Roots of Belonging conference invites you to come and share your work, explore where you come from and where you belong, and learn about other ways to connect with people in your own community and beyond.  It will involve sharing stories of good practice, exploring cultural identity, and developing effective models of communication. It will include asking ourselves:

  • What are cultural roots of that resilient and inclusive way of living of which Transition is a current expression?
  • What are the roots and drivers of the consumerist lifestyle which is challenging the planet’s (and our social) capacity to cope?
  • How can we recognise, connect with and contribute to other pre-existing local ways in which people are building resilient and inclusive communities?
  • How can we learn from other cultural traditions and support other communities across the world to defend or re-create resilient communities?

This event is a collaboration between Transition Scotland Support and Transition Network.  Global participation very much encouraged including pre and post local community organised discussions and on-line conference link ups.  For further information, see:

Transition Spotlight: Transition Tooting Trashcatcher’s Festival

Traffic on Tooting High Street came to a stop on Sunday 4 July when more than 800 participants from local schools, community groups and clubs took part the Tooting Trashcatchers

Carnival, constructed almost entirely from household rubbish. Over 1 million plastic bottles and shopping bags, half a million crisp packets, half a ton of renewable willow and half a ton of materials were collected over a six month period to create this extravaganza.

Speaking on ITV London Tonight, Lucy Neal, Co Chair of Transition Town Tooting said:

“Individually we may seem insignificant, but when we connect up in a community, we are very strong, we can make a huge difference. We are thrilled at how well it’s come together and amazed at the support we have received from the people of Tooting”.

Among the many beautiful and unique floats was a cycle powered living room transporting some of the elders of the community. Sitting comfortably on her recycled armchair, Jaya Patel, born and bred Tooting resident said “ the best bit about this carnival is that its bought the whole community together from all sections young and old from all ethnic backgrounds”.

To read more and find out about what else Transition Tooting are up to, visit:

News, events and resources from elsewhere

New! Capacity Global Faith Toolkit

A useful pack containing a range of resources for use by faith based organisations or environmental groups alike.  Full of tips and ideas on how to build better links with local faith organisations.  See:

London Edible Estates Competition

Capital Growth aims to help Londoners transform the capital by creating 2,012 new food growing spaces by the end of 2012.  They have launched a competition to find the best community food growing projects on London’s housing estates, thereby highlighting the wonderful projects that are going on.  Deadline for entries is 15 September 2010.  To find out more, visit:

Trafford Hall Training Courses: Community Resilience and Climate Change for Tenants

Trafford Hall offers training and support to people living and working in low-income areas to develop their skills, confidence and capacity to tackle problems and reverse poor conditions.  They are currently delivering a new series of training courses aimed at boosting resilience in the face of climate change entitled “Community Futures in the Face of Climate Change”.  Courses on offer include “save money, save energy” and “Working with your landlord to manage open spaces” with further courses currently in development.  See:

Cities of Sanctuary Conference, 13 September, Birmingham

Cities of Sanctuary is a national movement aimed at building a culture of hospitality for those seeking sanctuary in the UK.  This year’s national conference will feature inspiring stories from City of Sanctuary initiatives across the UK, including Swansea, which has recently become Wales’ first official City of Sanctuary.  Come along and discover how communities across the UK are becoming Towns and Cities of Sanctuary and find out about experiences of building a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary.  For further information, see:

Over to you…

If you’ve got news items, events or something you’re proud of that you’d like to include in next month’s Diversity Newsletter, please send submissions to catrinapickering (at)

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