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11 Sep 2010

‘Local Sustainable Homes’: Now Available!

The third book in the Transition Books series, ‘Local Sustainable Homes: how to make them happen in your community’ by Chris Bird, is now available to purchase here at Transition Culture.  I got my copy on Friday, and it is fantastic, packed with stories, case studies and ideas.  You can now order your copy here.  It is a brilliant guide to creating low impact homes in your community, packed with inspiring case studies of low-carbon buildings, from retrofitted old houses to new eco-villages.  Chris is launching the book this week in Stroud as part of their Open Eco-Homes event.  Transition initiatives can buy multiple copies of the book here.

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13 Sep 12:28pm

Surely the 5th in the series…?
3.Local Food
4.Local Money
5. – … ?

13 Sep 1:51pm

I am finding the Transition series very useful, even here in the US, and am delighted to have just discovered that they are available in e-book format. I hope that it will be just a short time before Local Sustainable Homes is likewise so available!

13 Sep 10:04pm

Ah Puerhan… interesting question. When I say ‘series’ I mean the ‘Local … ‘ series… local money, local food etc… the Handbook and the Timeline are kinda standalone really….

[…] following paragraph from the Forward to Local Sustainable Homes by Chris Bird (the forward is written by Rob Hopkins) sums up my view nicely, … housing […]

kitchenaid k45ss
18 Oct 3:16pm

I have read many books on this subject, but this book is different because it concentrates on how individuals, groups and communities are making it happen and deals with examples from around the country of how people are making sustainable homes a concrete reality – but without the concrete!