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12 Oct 2010

An Interview with OneWorldTV

Here is an interview I did recently via. Skype with the OneWorldTV people who are broadcasting from the current rather unproductive climate talks in China.   We had a few technical hitches but we got there in the end…

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Pedro (Chile)
12 Oct 6:45pm

Fantastic Synthesis of Context, Principles and necessary Action! =D

I have just shared the Video in my ‘ECO-FB Site’

… and in one of my Blogs:

P.S.: I will send to you a Photo of a model I’m doing of a 5 meters diameter Geodesic Dome Greenhouse as part of my present – socially shared – creative ‘Eco-Artistic-Technic-Editorial’ work .

P.S. 2: About the corrupted present Finantial System, you surelñly in England must have ear of the present Economics Socially and Ecologically Revolutionary Work of Mr. James Robertson, the Schumacher Society both UK & US and the FEASTA Group of Ireland …
Congratulations and Keep Up the Good Work! 😀