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11 Oct 2010

Transition and Social Enterprise: a short film

Here is a great short film made by Harvest Creative for EMSSE (East Midlands School for Social Entrepreneurs) about the exciting overlaps between Transition and social enterprise, which will be a core theme of the second edition of the Transition Handbook.  Excellent stuff…

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Chris Rowland
12 Oct 1:22pm

Great short film, which gets across the need for Transition Town initiatives to evolve into local business opportunities. Ultimately ideas need to be turned into viable schemes, which are self financing, employ local people and benefit the local community/environment.

Pedro (Chile)
12 Oct 8:05pm

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I also has shared it in my FB Site. di gi

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Pedro (Chile)
12 Oct 8:07pm

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I also have shared it in my FB Site.

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