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20 Nov 2010

The first day at the Diverse Routes to Belonging conference, Edinburgh

After a hectic day at the Diverse Routes to Belonging conference here in Edinburgh, I sat down here to blog about it, but having had a look at the conference’s blog, I’m not sure there is much I can add!  The conference team have done an amazing job, doing excellent write ups of the sessions and workshops as well as films of interviews with Alan Stibbe, Alastair Macintosh, Jonathan Dawson and myself, and also films of Justin Kenrick’s opening talk and the mapping activity. It is real state-of-the-art conference blogging, great stuff.  My workshop seemed to go OK too.  There are also Transition gatherings going on in Hannover and in Brazil over this weekend, and we tried to do Skype chats with both at the end of the day, as well as with groups in Portugal and Spain, but only the Portugese and Brazilian ones really worked.  Oh well.  So, been an amazing day, I’d better get back for the Open Mike… keep an eye on the blog tomorrow and perhaps I’ll write something more useful when I get home….

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João Leitão
20 Nov 11:47pm


As you know from Miguel Leal, the Transition Movement in Portugal is having a great 2010. The seeds will probably flourish in 2011.

I am particulary interested in social entrepreneurship. In Pombal, we started the initiative with the 13th ingredient with the Good Neighbour`s Project (

The Transition Movement in Portugal, as a catalyst to create a new kind of wealth, will be fundamental to the implementation of a prosperity without growth.

All the best,


22 Nov 8:18pm

Hi Rob, great to have been able to hold the conference in Edinburgh. Glad you had a good time with us. Must say it’s been a learning experience hosting international skype calls. Worked great skyping Barcelona this afternoon (Sunday) and good conversation came out of it.