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23 May 2011

What Worthing are (is?) up to…

Here is a short film from Transition Town Worthing that I thought you might enjoy, giving an overview of what they are up to… .  Busy today sorting the final selection of photos for the Transition Companion….

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Steve Last
23 May 8:04pm


Thanks for this, Rob!

It’s worth taking a look at the Possible Futures film contest that I compiled this video for. Lots of inspiring entries and who knows, maybe some other transition initiative ones might be on their way . . .

Chris Ralls
23 May 8:09pm

A good effort. Just a couple of small production points: My only criticism is that the first 2 interviewees were in a crowd (in a marquee?) with lots of background chatter, and I found it difficult to follow what they were saying because of the hubbub. The next chap was in quieter surroundings, which made it easier to hear, but he had the sun in his eyes and was squinting to see the camera. But overall the subject matter was good and I look forward to future productions.

Mark Stevenson
24 May 10:23am

An excellent entry video for the possible future film contest Mr Last!
Big up Worthing, you get my vote!

Pam Kelly
29 May 3:12pm

Like the variety in a short video but have misgivings about doing woodworking with a baby on your back.