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23 May 2011

‘In Transition 2.0’. An update from Emma Goude…

The ‘In Transition 2.0’ team have had a sneak preview of Rob’s now-complete manuscript and meetings are well underway to co-ordinate this huge film effort.  We’re consulting with various Transition bods to ensure we use all the resources at our disposal and create a film that reflects the diverse goings on in Transition around the world. Some contributors from the first film have been in touch to get involved with this second one and lots of other interesting people have responded to my first call out.

We’ve heard from filmmakers and Transitioners in Argentina, Australia, California, Canada, France, Isle of Man, New York, New Zealand, Portugal, Scotland, and Spain.   Some of you apologises for not being very far along the process of Transition.  It doesn’t matter what stage you’ve reached or haven’t reached – we’re interested in how well you can show wherever you’re at.  So particularly if you’re NOT from any of the above places get in touch and tell us why you think your Initiative would be great in the film.

We do really want to hear from someone in Brazil though as we heard about Brasilandia’s Unleashing event and think that a film from them would add real colour to the overall documentary.  Come on Brazil!

A few suggestions have come forward from Nuneaton (UK), Massachusettes and New York for a likeable character who’s just trying to get Transition off the ground.  We’ve got a tip off on a Japanese guy who’s about to take the plunge but we’re open to more suggestions.  So if you know someone who’s decided to start an Initiative and you imagine they would be great in the film because they’re good at communicating and not camera shy then let us know.

This time I’d like to put a call out to Initiatives in the second stage of Transition.  You’ve done all your awareness raising and have gathered together your group of Transitioners now you need to organise yourselves so that practical projects can start to take off.  Maybe your planning a big Unleashing…you’re definitely focussing on the Great Reskilling (or maybe you call it something less Communist sounding).  Having done a visioning exercise already you’ll know what skill gaps need to be filled in your local area.

Maybe you’re getting together with a secondary/high school and working with young people to skill them up and you’ll be focussing a lot on food projects.  If this is your Initiative then I want to hear from you.  We want to see this next step in action, the celebrations, the conflicts, the struggles, surprises and failures.  We want to see how you resolve conflict, how you communicate with your local community and how you maintain the momentum when it feels like there’s a lull.  Is this you?

We’re told that the music for this film needs to be funkier and less folky.  To do that we’re employing a composer who will be looking for musicians from around the world to add their bit to the sample tracks she creates so the overall effect is an eclectic mix of rhythms and instruments from around the world.  If there are any musicians who are good at filling in the musical spaces with a harmonising sound from their part of the world then we’d like you to get in touch.  If you’ve seen ‘One Giant Leap’ then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  We want to blow you away with sound and have people clambering to buy the soundtrack!

As usual you can get in touch with me by email.


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30 May 10:53pm

if you are not looking at this yet please do!