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2 Aug 2011

‘In Transition 2.0’: update and appeal for crowdfunding…

It takes a community to make a community film.  The In Transition 2.0 production team announces its first ever crowd funding campaign!  Help us raise funds to pay film makers around the world to tell stories showing what Transition looks like in Brazil, Portugal, US, Canada, New Zealand and Japan.

Donate whatever you like and get your name in the credits of the film.  Tell us which country you’d like to put your money towards when you click on the link:


Thanks so much.  Contact emmagoude (at)

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Paul Mackay
2 Aug 9:26am

Why not use a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Buzzbnk for this?

2 Aug 11:53am

Yes, a crowdfunding platform would be interesting to see donation progress.

2 Aug 6:12pm

I believe that Emma requested help and/or advice regarding crowdfunding some time ago here, but don’t believe any was forthcoming.

Perhaps someone who has experience with various platforms could offer the advice now? Paul or Jean-Luc? Even if it is too late for Emma (but perhaps not?) it would be useful for others like me who may wish to pursue cloudfunding themselves someday.

2 Aug 6:23pm

I am not an expert in crowdfunding, but I have used (as a funder) some tools.

Kickstarter seems to be a good tool. In know this project that as been funded on it:

I also know Sponsume. In fact I know this project that has been funded on it:

And, there is also this one i like:

2 Aug 6:24pm

Btw, I think that it’s never to late to changer a funding strategie, or tools. 🙂

3 Aug 2:10pm

Thank you, Jean-Luc! I appreciate the recommendations.

Paul Mackay
3 Aug 8:55pm

I spent some time researching these sites and found Buzzbnk to be one of the best options for the UK, as it is UK-based. Sites based in other countries are often more complicated or impossible to use.

I’ve started a few notes here on this, anyone is welcome to add more, and I will when I can 🙂

Emma Goude
3 Aug 9:45pm

Thanks all for yoru suggestions.
I signed up to Indigogo and Sponsume and discovered that if I didn’t raise the money then I would either (with Kickstarter) get none of it or (with Indigogo and others) have to pay 9% plus the 2% to paypal. So I thought why not do our own and cut out the middle man? So hence the paypal donate button. I will keep you informed of how much is raised if you like ‘In Transition 2.0’ on Facebook. I’ve already let people know on there how much came in on the first day!