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18 Aug 2011

Don’t miss tonight’s ‘Town’ programme on BBC2!

Just a quick word to say you might enjoy this evening’s ‘Town’ programme on BBC2 at 9pm.  The last in the series, it looks at Totnes, and features, among other things, Transition Town Totnes.  Here’s what the programme’s website has to say about it.  “A Saxon river town in South Devon, Totnes is one of the UK’s oldest towns. It has seen tough times through its long history, but adversity has taught it to innovate. Geographer and adventurer Nicholas Crane visits the home of one of the greatest social experiments of the 20th century, and uncovers the test bed for an ambitious new idea that aims to change our urban life forever”. If you happen to be in Totnes, there will be a public screening tonight at the Seven Stars Hotel, beginning at 8pm, which will also be attended by the producers.  If you miss both, you’ll be able to see it on BBC iPlayer for the next 7 days.

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claude saint-jarre
18 Aug 3:19pm

” The greatest social experiment of the 20th century”?? Is it not the 21st?

18 Aug 10:15pm

great show and excellent coverage on national tv of transition. Well done Ben, Rob and everyone else in TTT. Lovely to see the town, solar, currency, etc.
I can see many parallels with our own town but perhaps that is true for most transition people watching.
As we fight the case for a 4th supermarket in town with 15,000 people we are encouraged by the vision that there is a different way forward and hope the national coverage will help all transition groups to fight their case for solutions to local resilience. If you get feedback as a result of the show, please collate it and let us know.

19 Aug 12:35pm

Wonderful programme about Totnes, I especially liked the connection between the 1000 year old coins and the Totnes Pound. Great to see such a focus on resilience and adapting to changing times with PV panels on houses and a bio fuel rickshaw.
The programme importantly showed the strong connection with Dartington Hall Trust, Schumarcher College, Totnes and Transition. Great clip bit about the man who was on the dole volunteering at Dartington Hall, which showed the importance of giving hope and a sense of purpose in life. I felt this was very relevant following the recent riots in the UK.
I felt Nicholas Crane really understood what transition was about in and showed this in a positive way. By the way BBC, Transition Town Lewes is in East Sussex not West!
To follow up there really should be a series of BBC programmes about Transition Towns.
Well done Totnes!

23 Aug 2:56pm

Does anyone know how to access the video if you can’t use the iPlayer? A youtube or vimeo version somewhere?

24 Aug 12:10pm

We’re working on it…