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12 Sep 2011

The nail-biting drama of the Transition elevator pitch

Here is a fascinating short film.  It features Eric Stewart of Transition New Port Richey in Florida, US, giving a presentation to his local council about what the group are up to.  Yet it is also one of the most stressful Transition films I have ever seen, like some surreal drama, the dramatic tension is almost unbearable.  The clock, in bright red, is ticking down and it’s hard to take your eyes off it.  Will he say everything he needs to in just 3 minutes?  What happens if he is still talking after 3 minutes?  Do they pull a handle so that he plunges into a tank of crocodiles?  Will he stumble, get it all wrong and say the wrong things?

… and then… just when the tension becomes unbearable, the film stops with 1:07 left to go!  Ah the suspense!  The unanswered questions!  The sheer drama!  I don’t need The Wire, 24…. just I minute 53 seconds of Eric Stewart and I have no finger nails left and chances are I won’t sleep tonight.  He does a great job, keeps his head, and presents what the group are doing really well.  Worth having a think about what you would say in that situation….   what would be the key things to get across if that red clock were ticking?  If anyone has any idea where the rest of this film can be found, you might just put me out of my misery…

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James Samuel
12 Sep 8:01am

3 minutes! What an indulgence! I wish.

As part of the latest Al Gor initiative I have been given ONE minute and ONE slide to tell the story of Transition in New Zealand.

It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve been asked to do, but hey I’ll give it a crack 🙂 It will be filmed, and if I get hold of the video, I promise not to send you the 49 second version.

Chris Mills
12 Sep 1:35pm

Oh my god! We must be basking in luxurious indulgence here in Guelph (Ontario). We were given a whole 10 minutes (and FOURTEEN slides!) to talk about Transition to our City Council–not counting Q&A afterward. I thought at the time we were getting squeezed, but 3 minutes, or worse yet, 1, sounds utterly impossible. I wish you the best, James!

P.S. Council was very receptive, and passed a resolution to collaborate with our local TI!

Eric Stewart
12 Sep 8:22pm

Hi Rob,
A friend sent me this link. I’m so embarrassed haha! I really didn’t prepare for that speech and just kinda spoke from my head. I originally wasn’t going to speak, I was there for a dispute with a local activist having his First amendment rights violated by the police. But the previous speakers seemed to be very negative of what they saw. So I decided to go up and share about our local group and what we’ve been doing.

I never finished the last minute. I got cold feet and said thats all I had to say haha! A sequel is needed perhaps?

If you want a really suspense thriller check out this presentation I did:
5 mins, 20 slides, auto forward every 15 secs!! The drama!

Asher Miller
13 Sep 11:56pm

All I can say is that I imagine Eric would have been that much more nervous had he known you’d later be watching his performance with baited breath.

I, too, am disappointed not to see the end. What was the reaction of the council members?


James Samuel
18 Sep 8:55pm

This is my short sharp message, offered as part of the Al Gore 24-hour “Climate Reality Project”. I had one minute and one slide to convey a message.

22 Sep 9:38pm

I sooo feel for the guy, given the number of presentations of mine that have over-run (and audiences who have been patient…)

But, given the location, erm, Alligators, shurely 🙂 ?