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16 Sep 2011

The Brixton Pound goes electric!

Here’s a very exciting development from Brixton, soon to also roll out in Bristol, which could signal a revolutionary leap-forward in terms of Transition currencies.

Come and celebrate the launch of the UK’s first local electronic currency and unveiling of the new B£ 2nd edition notes at the Brixton Pound’s 2nd Birthday:

Thursday 29th September 2011 @ The Electric (formerly The Fridge), Town Hall Parade, Brixton. 7pm – till late.

To register for your free ticket to the B£ 2nd Birthday please go to:

At the event there will be:

  • The Launch of the UK’s first electronic local currency, allowing customers to pay by text or on-line for goods in Brixton businesses who accept the B£ e-currency. For more information go to:
  • The unveiling the new B£ notes (2nd edition) – featuring a new set of Brixton Heroes, including some very famous ex-Brixton residents.
  • Brixton Pound Market & Business Stalls selling food & drink
  • Live music/DJs

Speakers & guests include:
– Chuka Ummuna MP (MP for Streatham & Shadow Minister for Small Business & Enterprise) TBC, Trevor Locke (Comedian & Brixton Resident), Derrick Anderson, Chief Executive of Lambeth Council, Local Brixton Businesses, London Mutual Credit Union

For Press & Media Enquiries please contact:

Rebecca Simpson, Press Manager, Brixton Pound, E:

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James Samuel
16 Sep 9:47am

This could be one of those beautiful and unexpected game-changing disruptive technologies. We’ll have to wait and see, but the potential is that people may start trading more amongst each other, with the money-go-round building up momentum as people discover the benefits that come from keeping the value flowing around.

16 Sep 10:36am

Well done Brixton and good luck to Bristol. I have heard Lewes wants to look at an electronic local currency.

What would happen if towns could trade ‘certain’ products between each other electronically? Is there a limit to the definition on local?

I was in Totnes for a day recently, as a Lewes tourist and now have a Totnes Pound, but I missed the chance to trade a Lewes pound in Totnes! Perhaps I will holiday in Brixton next and bring some Lewes Pounds to trade them and see what happens.

19 Sep 9:49am

Chris, I think that while collecting local currency as souvenirs from Transition towns may sound like a harmless activity, it is defeating the object of a local currency. You have simply removed it for the local money stream. If all visitors took a few notes and never returned the local ‘bank’ may benefit by having the £s you spent to buy local currency but the community will loose out. Please promise to return sometime and spend your Totnes pound where its meant to stay.