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15 Sep 2011

Exploring the Ingredients for Transition: webcast now available

On Monday I did the second webinar for Transition US, looking at the ‘ingredients’ of Transition, and answering lots of questions about Transition sent in by people from across the US.  You can now listen to it in full here.  I started out by telling people that it was, in a way, an illustrated talk, in that I had uploaded a picture online they could look at, taken from the forthcoming ‘The Transition Companion’ (which you can pre-order now).  Beautifully created by Marina Vons-Gupta, it communicates the idea of embarking on Transition being like opening the larder door and picking the ingredients for creating what you have decided to create.  Anyway, thanks to everyone who made it possible, and enjoy the recording.

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Alan Brown
15 Sep 12:10pm

Transition Pack of Cards…. Rob I’d quite like these to be available as cards but also as editable templates so we can personalise them a little with local photos for example.
Wonder if we should have Transition Trumps ? 🙂

Was also good to hear the explanation of the ingredients being more flexible than the 12 steps…
Thanks Transition US for hosting this and recording it for us to hear the next day.

David Eggleton
15 Sep 1:13pm

Rob, I liked and appreciated a great deal of what I heard, especially the affirmations of individuals’ passions as fuel for Transition and permaculture’s focus on truths of places.