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14 Sep 2011

Bringing the cover of The Transition Handbook to life

We have reported here before about the spread of Transition in France, well here is something rather great from Fontainbleu near Paris where a Transition initiative is emerging.  Judging by the amount of requests we get to use the drawing on the front cover of the Transition Handbook for posters, flyers, websites and so on, it’s fair to say people are rather fond of it.  But have a look at this rather lovely animation the Fontainbleu group have done with it. Aw, isn’t that lovely…

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Eva Bakkeslett
14 Sep 1:14pm

Sweet! It inspired me to some animations based on similar ideas of transformations. Thanks for sharing. Best, Eva

14 Sep 2:34pm

What isn’t so lovely is the way you’ve butchered their town’s name. LOL 🙂

14 Sep 3:37pm

Oops, yes, well spotted… Fontainebleau…

15 Sep 1:01am

2 letters! On a name like that it’s not too bad 🙂