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7 Oct 2011

Transition Toronto’s winning film! ‘The people in my neighbourhood’

Transition Toronto recently held a film competition for people to use film as a way of communicating Transition.  The winner was Mariko Uda with her film ‘The People in my Neighbourhood’.  Rather lovely it is too.  Here it is:

The judge, Gregory Greene, producer of ‘The End of Suburbia’, said of why he chose this film as the winner:

“I really enjoyed Mariko’s film. Her vision of a possible urban future based on local skills and innovation, progressive resource-and-energy taxation, future compost “consultants”(loved that one) and Ministry of Transportation folks on bikes – embraces so many Transition principles. I found myself learning quite a bit and developing new ideas about what the future might feel like. I also loved the friendly, up-beat tone and diversity of faces, so reflective of our city! This video is the winner by a long-shot. I’ll say it again I LOVED IT!”

Mariko makes the point that the various stories in the film are already a reality… she writes:

“Yes, that rooftop garden really exists! It’s one of a number of urban agriculture projects at UofT.

The composters are at the Stop’s Green Barn.  Check out the Farmers’ Market there every Sat. morning!

When I thought of buildings for the future, I thought of Rohan Walters. Get to know him here.

Need something fixed? Go to a repair shop like Fix-It-Again Sam! Want to make a skateboard?

For the composting toilet I had to go all the way to Vaughn to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s Restoration Services Building.

I kid you not – they did not smell at all!

The lovely singing at the end were UofT students in Hot Yam! who prepare yummy vegan lunches every Wed. at noon.

If you’ve watched this film, and want to know what to do, start by discovering and enjoying the treasures in your neighbourhood. Go to a Farmers’ Market. Walk, ride your bike! Smile & talk to your neighbours 🙂 Nourish yourself, envision a positive future & work together with others towards it.

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Jonathan Pollard
16 Oct 8:19pm

Loved it. Visioning is so important. This film made a bright future seem just so attainable! Made me wanna make a similar film for my city. Oh and I loved the way she just “happened” to bump into everyone. Hilarious!

Mariko Uda
16 Oct 11:28pm

Hi Rob,
thanks for posting my film to your Transition blog! I’m so thrilled that people outside of Toronto are watching it! I had never imagined that!

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