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26 Oct 2011

A great new film resource: ‘Surfing the Waves of Change’

I know that many of you found the ‘Powerdown Show’ series a really useful resource.  Well now the Cultivate Centre in Ireland are back with a new film ‘Surfing the Waves of Change’, released today.  This is a 9 minute animation, which uses surfing as a metaphor to introduce the concept of community resilience. It explores how we can best take the steps to ensure that the places where we are living have the ability to get by in times of abrupt change and are brilliant places to live. The film accompanies a new publication from Carnegie UK Trust called, ‘Exploring Community Resilience in Times of Rapid Change’.  It’s rather wonderful. 

A new Cultivate website which will host this film and the 10 Powerdown Shows along with other Cultivate learning resources is also being launched.  Over the years Cultivate have really led the way in producing accessible, high-quality resources, and this new addition is no exception.  It is designed to be a useful resource for Transition initiatives, and I’m sure it will be.

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Paul Hendriksen
26 Oct 2:22pm

Hi Rob,
Wonderful stuff!
The link to the downloadable publication you posted seems not to be working. Here’s one that I found:

all the best

David MacLeod
26 Oct 3:24pm

Wow, this is excellent! Thanks!

26 Oct 5:29pm

Thanks Paul, I have redone the link.

adrienne campbell
26 Oct 7:18pm

Rob, great video! I’m hoping we’ll put that on the front page of the Transition Town Lewes website.

I am concerned about this tendency of us humans to look to others for leadership in time of crisis. This video, and the Occupy movement and all the other positive change will help redress this.

gerry keogh
28 Oct 10:26am

Hi…just watched the video…great stuff !!

Encouraging & positive !

Guy Martin
30 Oct 1:50pm

The ‘Exploring Community Resilience in Rapidly Changing Time is a very valuable resource well worth reading.