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1 Feb 2012

Five questions for Rebecca Mayes, composer of the music for ‘In Transition 2.0’

In the third of our series of short podcasts talking to the key creative people behind the making of ‘In Transition 2.0’, I ask 5 quick questions of Rebecca Mayes, whose beautiful and entrancing music runs through the film.  How did she get involved?  What does she think of the film?  What more can she tell us about the video she is making that she wants people involved in Transition to be part of?

Categories: 'In Transition' 2.0.

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Ben Brangwyn
1 Feb 5:27pm

That’s beautiful music. I checked out Rebecca’s site and listened to her singing her hauntingly lovely computer game reviews. Resident Evil 5 – “don’t shoot the zombies, it’s not their fault, they need love, hug them”. Could have been talking about Fred Goodwin and his coterie of banking sector collapsists.