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12 Jul 2012

A new film: ‘The Green Backyard’

Here is a great new film from Peterborough about a project called ‘The Green Backyard’, which is developing a Transitioney/permaculturey/community resource/educational type thing in urban Peterborough.  Beautiful film, with talking bees and everything.  The Transition Companion makes an appearance too near the end… thanks to Daryl Mulvihill, who made it, for letting me know about it.

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12 Jul 1:29pm

Lovely, thanks Rob

Daryl Mulvihill
12 Jul 3:31pm

Hope you enjoy the film. Its a great project and I am glad I got the chance to tell the story.

12 Jul 5:56pm

Lovely film. Especially loved the bees! Well done. Will add to In Transition 2 film´s status report on FB. What camera and mic did you use? Looks and sounds great.

13 Jul 3:34pm

Daryl’s done an amazing job 🙂 It’s so nice to see the bit at the end with the Transition Companion – that was when Peterborough in Transition was just an idea, now we’re going strong!

Jo Homan
13 Jul 7:18pm

what an absolutely brilliant project! Well done and good luck.

Daryl Mulvihill
16 Jul 9:58am


Was shot on a Canon 7d with a radio mic/ h4n for the sound.

Getting great feedback and a lot of views since it was posted here.


16 Jul 10:01am

We’re getting great feedback too!

Everyone viewing this – please sign (and if possible share) the petition to stop our wonderful garden getting bulldozed in the name of development.