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5 Jul 2012

Appearing on ‘A Good Read’

The other day I appeared on BBC Radio 4’s programme ‘A Good Read’, where three people suggest books for the others to read and then you all sit around and discuss them.  It was great fun, although the other panellist didn’t think much of my book.  After the programme I got two emails.  One from someone picking me up on my grammar: “while you obviously no nothing about gerunds or gerundives – where verbs act as nouns – and your saying “him learning about …” – when, obviously you should have been saying “HIS learning about …”, and the other from someone whose father had known John Stewart Collis, the author of my book choice.  Anyway, here it is, I hope you enjoy it.

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5 Jul 11:22am

I like ‘Sustainability activist’!

Kate Konchog
5 Jul 9:35pm

I caught this on Radio 4 randomly on my home from work.It made me chuckle but shock, horror, did you not study Latin , not to know your gerundives !

5 Jul 9:57pm

I heard it and I too was a bit disappointed that no one else particularly liked your choice. It’s on my list of things to read (as is The Spire) and I too know nothing about gerunds and gerundives but have better things to do than criticise your grammar. I’ve heard you lots of times, never in person I’m afraid, and never thought “That man can’t speak”. These days the BBC let people on without a public school education and without having them reading from a script!

Keep nup the (very) good work.

5 Jul 9:58pm

Keep up the (very) good work.

Rob Hopkins
5 Jul 10:16pm

Yes, the ‘sustainability activist’ bit came out as a result of the perennial question “so what do you do?”. Never been able to answer that one…

Caroline Walker
9 Jul 6:08pm

I loved this book and what a wonderful title it has: ‘The Worm Forgives the Plough’ Thanks for reminding me of it.