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22 Aug 2012

Transition Network conference 2012 preview: No:3 – Sophy Banks on ‘How to make happy, healthy human culture’

One of the workshops that will take place in the first session of workshops at the conference will be led by Sophy Banks, one of the originators of Transition Training.  Here she is to tell you more about what to expect from it:

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Clinton Callahan
22 Aug 9:55pm

I was thinking that we get stressed and burned out by having so many wonderful and exciting options to choose from and hesitating to kill any of them because we are not skilled in grieving the loss (death) of possibilities. Modern culture teaches us that if you feel sad something is wrong with you and drugs or therapy are the cure. This would mean that a “happy and healthy culture” would be a culture in which it is not only okay to feel happy and angry and scared consciously, but also okay to feel sad, perhaps even feeling sad together in a circle. A circle of people celebrating becoming unstressed.