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29 Aug 2012

The 384 Blackboards Mystery

Why might it be that in a workshop in Somerset this weekend, 384 small blackboards were lovingly measured, cut out, sanded and painted for the 2012 Transition Network conference?  What role could they possibly be set to play at the event, at which point in the programme might they be handed out?  Might they be a new, low energy, low carbon rival to the iPad, a ‘Slate’ rather than a ‘Tablet’?  Might it be for the 2012 Noughts and Crosses Olympics?  There’s only one way to find out, you’ll have to come along and be part of this annual celebration of all things Transition, although we’d love to hear your guesses in the comments section below…

Here are some photos that tell the story of their manufacture…





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Jo Homan
29 Aug 10:33am

Dangerous frisbee? Ineffective Jenga?

29 Aug 12:05pm

Transition version of the Olympic Stadium’s pixel animation light boards that were attached to each seat? Assume you will also be issuing coloured chalks and erasers.

29 Aug 10:51pm

None of these guesses are right – not by a long chalk!

29 Aug 10:53pm

Are they so we can all enjoy a night on the tiles?

30 Aug 2:24am

They are so no ones mood will become black, and hence the attendees bo(a)red.

3 Sep 11:25am

Mine’s a combination of two ideas, the Frisbee and the more traditional ‘teacher’s blackboard’. Here’s how it goes… each delegate writes a Transition sound bite on their mini blackboard, then after the conference, travels to a large UK city and launches it frisbee style (but gently, please)into a crowd of unsuspecting shoppers, preferably on a busy Saturday morning. The shopper it lands on is required to organise a community workshop exploring the topic on the blackboard in their locality, inviting Rob Hopkins to be the keynote speaker. This activity comes with a disclaimer in cases of mild concussion.